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Dec 9, 2000
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I read this and responded in another forum.......

their post was....

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I read on another hunting forum about guys that hunt and don't like to eat their deer. This is one topic tht really pisses me off. I saw alot of these posts were from people back east. I have a problem with these slobs that kill a deer and then try and find someone to give it to. What is up with that?
I feel if you are going to hunt, you should at least be tolerant of the meat from your deer. Why shoot the damn thing if you are not going to use it? Don't get me wrong; I have no problem sharing my animal, but to just go out like these guys and shoot 2 or 3 deer which is legal back there, and try to find someone to take it makes me sick.
I would'nt hunt if I did'nt like deer meat. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I responded with:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>HUMm.. BLAH BLAH BLAH..... look up hunter in the Dictionary....
1 a : a person who hunts game

I don't see the definition...

1.ONE who shots and EATS the animal he shoots...

WHY does someone have to eat everything he shoots....

YOU guys should watch what ya post... I see ya posting "IF YA SHOOT IF, BE PREPARED TO EAT IT"///... OK, I'm prepared to eat it but sometimes CHOOSE not to, Hunting is a right, EATING is a CHOICE........

Saying just becasue I kill something I need to eat it... HELL I usually eat bever before I shoot it.. CUZ I shure as heck won't eat it AFTER WARDS

GET real though... IF I wack 2 elk, 2 deer, a bear and whatever else, I have the right to give my meat away, Wife don't eat game and I like "HUNTING AND SHOOTING", JUST like I can BUY can goods and GIVE them away.. EITHER way the FOOD isn't wasted...... PULL your head's out your ARsh's and think about what you're typing....

Main Entry: 2waste
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): wast·ed; wast·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Old North French waster, from Latin vastare, from vastus desolate, waste
Date: 13th century
transitive senses
1 : to lay waste; especially : to damage or destroy gradually and progressively <reclaiming land wasted by strip-mining>
2 : to cause to shrink in physical bulk or strength : EMACIATE, ENFEEBLE
3 : to wear away or diminish gradually : CONSUME
4 a : to spend or use carelessly : SQUANDER b : to allow to be used inefficiently or become dissipated
5 : KILL; also : to injure severely
intransitive senses
1 : to lose weight, strength, or vitality -- often used with away
2 a : to become diminished in bulk or substance b : to become consumed
3 : to spend money or consume property extravagantly or improvidently
synonym see RAVAGE
- waste one's breath : to accomplish nothing by speaking
LETS look at that last LINE I think some in here are donig just that !!!!

- waste one's breath : to accomplish nothing by speaking

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NOW I want to hear your thoughts ?!?!?!?!

:D :D

I agreee with you Moosie. Eating it is a choice. I do however eat what I kill or harvest. I see nothing at all wrong with giving it away. Sometimes we have more than we need or want. As long as it is not being left in the woods or mountains to rot away, I do no think of it as wasting. Anymore for the non-res hunter who flies, it is near impossible to eat what they harvest.
I was corrected by someone stating that hunting is a PRIVILAGE and not a right.....

BUT, I' alowed one mistake in my posting.. (Besides my spelling ;))

that would be me........

lets see......i killed eight or nine deer last year.......i guess i may have eaten a deer stake or two..i like beef much better then venison,so thats what i dog loves deer meat,he had quite a few deer stakes...but i think he likes beef better also....i dont care which he likes better,he will eat what i give him!...and he better not waste any of it.....that wouldnt be ethical!
i dont just feed it to my dog......some of my neighbors eat it also.......dont worry,dont worry, i know what your thinking...i only give the neighbors the ribs and ground venison,i save all the back-straps,roast's and steaks for my dog!......
My main point would be to not have the meat wasted.

I started hunting, way back when, on ducks in the Pacific N'West. I HATE duck. I mean I HATE duck!!! But, I love to hunt them! :D

Every duck I ever shot was eaten by someone that truely enjoyed them.

Am I wrong to hunt dem ducks???

I think not.

Dont ya just love all the do-gooders,telling us all how and why we should hunt.
I wonder if they ever toss out leftovers?
I see nothing at all wrong with finding someone that wants the meat.
We have never had any problem finding people that arent thrilled about getting it.
So its OK if these same animals starve or get taken down by other animals but we shouldnt hunt them and give them to people that want it or need it?
:confused: :confused:
We arent talking about leaving them to rot,but the eat everything you shoot thing is silly. If thats how they see it fine for them to do that --heck that even leaves more game for the reat of us to hunt and feed our friends. did you like the sheep we shot last year, Moosie? Considering you whacked four of them, you must like mutton a lot!!! Seriously, sometimes it's just fun to hunt and I don't need to justify that.

Personally, I think golf is stupid..... ;)

Besides, when I shoot a ground squirrel with a TNT Hollow POint, there usually isn't enough left to eat! :D (As if I'd eat a ground squirrel or gopher...)
You guys are all right. who'd want to eat gophers. I not being much of a follower. but do whole hartedly agree. In some areas of the united states. there are way to many animals. If I can give away that which I will not use to be used by someone not "lucky" enough or to lazy to get their own. So be it. I will not let an animal that is leagal and me with a tag and close enough to take it, let its flesh walk off to somewhere else. It gets a tag and sent to someone that can use it. I have never hunted ducks, because I personally don't like them. But maybe this next season I will sharpen up the old mosburg and give them a try.HeeHee..
This helps population control and gives us all a good name in the name of sport. Last season I was only able to spend two straight months chasing critters. This year I think I will see if I can sneak in about four...
Elkchsr,you are really starting to pi$$ me off :D First you come on here with a good attuide ,next we find out you dont follow the crowd AND now you say you get all that time off to hunt!!!!!!Whats up with that?
Not fair,I think im mad now ;) ;)
My life is ment to pi$$ people off. :D :D
Especialy when I can do those things that the rest only will dream of doing until they die. :D :D ;) :D
I will shoot crows but will not eat them. They are a nuisance and deserve to be taken out.
My favorite saying for everybody's opinions about my hunting and what happens is this

I so appreciate your point of view I almost regret dismissing it
I never really cared for the guys that say they only shoot what they eat and then turn around and blast a coyote or a prarie dog. When I ask'em if they plan on eating it they look at me like I'm from some other planet. I'm pretty sure those coyotes and prarie dogs are just as dead as the deer I shot this year. Just seems like a double standard to me. I don't even pretend to eat everything I shoot. I love to hunt bears and have ZERO desire to eat one, I don't even want to know what they taste like. I've had some nasty antelope and elk that make me always hesitant to take that first bite, but I do. I try to eat most of the game I shoot, but I still sleep just fine at night if I don't. Now maybe if a fellow is a one or two weekend a year hunter, and only kills a couple animals a year then he can eat all he shoots. However for those of us that hunt and kill a little more than that, it's pretty tough. Here's my year for example one bear-didn't eat it, two badgers-didn't eat, a couple jack rabbits-didn't eat, 3 deer all in the freezer with intentions of eating them, 2 antelope already all gone, a number of pheasants and grouse all destined for the table, 1 raccoon-didn't eat, a few prarie dogs didn't eat, and a whole stack of crows that will get nowhere near my freezer or dinner table. Guess I'm just a murdering, meat-wasting, low-life S.O.B., but at least I'm not trying to force my will on other people.

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I took six does last year (except for a button buck that I thought was a doe). There is no way I could eat that many deer. I do however always give them away. Since I do all my own processing that is never a problem. The taste of the meat is directly connected to the way it is processed. When I process does and very young bucks, I never have anyone tell me that they don't like the meat. As long as it is not over cooked;) . The older bucks are a different story and they mostly go into summer sausage or salami, so they are also easy to give away. I almost always have a waiting list for meat and do not always get enough for everyone. (I and mine come first y'know):D :D

The people that allow the meat to go bad are irresponsible in my opinion, but I don't think that happens as often as most would believe. Poachers and rack hunters that leave the meat to rot in the field are complete idiots and will be turned in by me if I can prove it.
BIG SKY...... I'm APAULD... ;) HAha

OK...... I'm glad I'm not the only one.. I was really worried... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D
I just like to shoot living creatures LOL.. Last deer I got I gave to one of my employees... The deer here in az are not good tasteing at least in my book. Only thing they are really fit for is jerky... I have no problem popping a deer and giving it to someone...I hunt cause I like to hunt..

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