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For the ladies part 3


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Jul 14, 2015
Onto Deer season… my wife drew a 2nd season doe tag, nada for me and my buddy got a buck tag.

It take 2 points for a buck tag and it was his first deer hunt so spirits were high. My wife prefers doe tags so that is a relatively low pressure hunt. We drove up the Friday before the opener and set camp in our t-shirts… beautiful evening driving around.

Morning 1
Plan for the morning was simple… ride the wheelers until we either spot some or cut track to make us go in after them. Plan worked and a group was just off the trail. We get off and get my wife positioned… I’m super proud of her for not rushing her shot but the same time in my head was saying shoot, shoot, shoot now… outside I was telling her to breath and pick your shot take your time. Well they move off and we follow up and down a few hills and finally get on them with a clear lane and an easy 100 yard shot. She shot a little far back and had to put in a finishing shot… tagged at 9:30. We left packs at the wheelers thinking it would be 100yards from the trail and we followed them a ways before a shot presented so I went back to get a pack while pics were taken.
Not in a hurry so I take my time quartering it up not really worried we won’t find a buck.
Dropped off the doe at camp and some lunch and off we went to get a buck. We rode and hiked and peeked over edges and looked all over with no luck.

Morning day 2 my wife woke up feeling pretty miserable. She was not feeling well the day before and both my kids had colds so didn’t think much of it but when we were hiking out with her deer her chest was burning and could barely breath… it was mountains but not that bad… come to find out she had Covid and that was the start… she recovered just fine and she was a trooper. We left her to sleep it off.

Just leaving camp and 500 yards up are 5 deer crossing … my buddy just wanted something with forks or better and there was a spike … as we were watching I commented how it was a buck but only a spike and booommm …. Holy hell he scared me… a warning next time would be good … I thought you wanted forks or better ? I changed my mind he said … well it was a clean miss and so was the shot after .. lol.

He is not in the best of shape so a death March wasn’t in the books.. we did jump 4 cow elk but only got onto 1 other tiny forkie that by the time we confirmed was actually a buck they moved off.

I drove my wife home to relieve my mom of baby sitting duties and headed back up to help my buddy the next morning. He really wasn’t feeling well so we took it easy hiking around and riding with no other deer. He could have stayed a few more days but opted to leave with me as I had to be back at work. I think he was not 100% confident to be up alone and in the hills and whatnot. I have been there for all his hunting so I was torn too .. lol .. it was like having one of my kids there.

Processed the doe into Italian sausage, chorizo, roasts for jerky slicing later and of course the straps and tendies.

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