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Deadheads - Let's see 'em


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Aug 30, 2009
North Carolina
Since we have another month or so before hunting gets going, thought it would be cool to start a thread about Deadheads. Given the miles all of us hike in the woods each fall, I am sure we have some cool picks of Deadheads (no sheds, just deadheads).

I'll start.

Not allowed to keep these bighorns skulls in MT, so after taking a bunch of pics, FWP was called. They asked us to bring it to town for them and provide coordinates of where it was discovered. Later scored by FWP at 199 6/8 and now resides in one of their public offices.

How it was found, laying in the sage.
View attachment 48115

Cameraman Loren holding it here. HUGE!
View attachment 48116

Would love to have it sitting on a pedestal in the Randy Room.
With the new MT law, allowing those to be kept, I wonder if they'll let you swing by and pick it up for the Randy Room? You were the one who found and transported it over.