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Coyote hunting retard.


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Oct 3, 2002
I'll admit it. I really don't know a lot about hunting coyotes. But I've been going out lately and having some sucess. Can someone answer a few questions for me though.

1. Should I howl first? I heard two barks and a howl. And then should I cut loose on the rabbit squeller? If a coyote responds by howling back then what should I do? What about no responce?

2. How long should I sit and call for? Should I call for 30 seconds then wait 2 minutes and do it again? I think I heard 10 minutes a stand once. Is that accurate?

3. How long does it take the majority of coyotes to come in? I shot a huge male yesterday that came in to forty yards and still coming when I smoked him. That was fun stuff. I was probably sitting and calling there for 7 minutes. And do they usually come in close or will then hang up sometimes far away?

4. Will a decoy dramatically increase your odds? What kind.

5. It seems an electronic call is a must. What is the best tape to play?

6. While hunting at night. Do you keep your spot light on the whole time or just turn it on and off every now and then to check for eyes?
I dont do the howl thing except before bed... :D :D
I have heard a decoy helps when using a howling call..

depending on the terrain you should wait 30 mins to an hour

Ive had yotes come in as soon as we started calling and as late as 45 mins... let them get close there is nothing more funthan shooting one and getting powder burns on its fur...

Doug(on this forum) has an awsum duet cottontail call.. Cotton tail calls worked best for me....

I cant legally hunt at night in AZ but its a blast, only use the spot light occasionally...

Yetty get one with your bow its a blast

Yetty, I havent ever used a howler to call any coyotes in, but its a great way to locate coyotes.

I usually stay on a stand 20 minutes, 30 if I really think there just has to be a coyote coming in. I've had them take about 25 minutes to come in, thats the longest.

Best tapes I've used are superjack and K-9 puppies.

I've only hit one really outstanding day hunting coyotes, and it was incredible. I went with a friend of mines Dad and he used to hunt them for a job in the 70's. He knows his shit, and he uses an old mouth call (cottontail I think). Anyway, we went out near Missoula on a very cold, calm day after a few days of windy conditions. We set up 7 times and called coyotes in on every setup. We ended up killing several and called in a total of 22. Called 6 in on the first set up.

One thing that most people probably dont think about, but I saw work that day, is keep calling if you kill one right away. Twice we got another dog to come in even after the shot. Not moving at all is another key, and once you see one responding to the call, I dont call anymore.

They do hang up all the time too, usually when that happens you've screwed something up. If they're in any kind of range, I'd shoot, because they arent going to respond to a call again for a while.

I think the key to calling coyotes is the setup rather than the type of call.

I've also shined a light on lots of coyotes and fox. I've always had the best luck with a white light and I hold the center of the beam just above the ground. I try not to burn them with the light until its time to shoot. Once you see eyes and get on them, then just burn them bastards right dead center in the middle of the light. Usually they just stand there and die. Fox are really stupid in the light, coyotes are a bit more wary. I keep the light on the whole time, though.
I have a good coyotee calling tape. And I shit you not. This tape he's talking about Blowing on his squeeler as "CHOKING THE RABBIT". HE says he sit's on a hillside and Chokes the Rabbit sometimes for 1/2 hour. HE said if you keep choking the rabbit, them Rabits will come right in your lap...

NOW, I'm not one to make a double meening of anything ... but Greeny always says the truth is in the SPANKING ;)

HEY YETTI, YOU need to make a trip to Idaho and LEt loose on a couple of Yotes with me.... We'll choke the Rabitt together !! ;)
I think this is the book that goes with Moosie's tape

I just had a tape recomended to me by Fred Cronk who runs a sporting goods store out here the tape is titled viddles a la jackrabbit. Funny name but good tape. It is made by Johnny Stewart. Another good one is yellowhammer woodpecker distress its good for bobcats,fox and coyotes.

Like Delw said we cant hunt at night here in AZ but what Ive heard from many experienced night callers is to coat the spotlight lens with dykem, which will make the light invisible to predators. And you can keep the light on them the whole time without them knowing.
I can give you a few tips on night hunting. Use a light with a red tint to it. You don't need a million candle power, because eyes show up a long ways off. Turn your light on and leave it on the whole time you're calling. When you pick up a set of eyes headed your way, keep the lower halo of the light on the eyes until you're ready to shoot. Drop the brightest part of the light down on your target and make sure you identify your target before you pull the trigger. It takes a while to get used to hunting with a red light, but since coyotes and foxes can't see the red spectrum, they can't see the light either.
I'm not a good caller, but the Lone Howl calls I use make me LOOK like one!

1) Generally, depending on the country being called, I like to start with very soft distress calls in the hopes of getting anything close to come in. Do this for 45 seconds to a minute and go to number 2.

2) Next, I like to blow a few "any one out there" howl sequences. Blow 3-4 high pitched (non-thretening) howls and wait a couple minutes. Repete

3) If there is no answer or nothing comes in I go to loud distress calls. 45-60 seconds and wait 1-2 minutes. Repete.

4) As the last resort I do my "challenge howl coyote fight" sequence. Use two howlers and challenge howl both of them (mix in a few Ki-Yi's). I'll do this for about a minute or two and then wait for around five minutes.

End of stand.

Good luck!
I haven't had a chance to get back to read your responces until today. Thanks for all of them. I went out again hunting coyotes Monday evening. I just bought a howler and was determined to get my 17 bucks worth that day and call one in. Well, that didn't happen. I didn't see or hear shit. I had a few howls that were so bad I'd have been better off howling with my mouth. I think I've got them laughing now. So I'm going back again tomorrow with some (hopefully) sound advice/new tactics and I think it's going to get bloody.

The December issue of Outdoor life has an article in it on coyote howling tips and techniques as well as information about spot lighting. If you have a Barnes and Noble or Borders book store close I'd stop by and do a little parousal. :D ;) :D
Yetty, it's great when it works huh? just some personal opinion. First howling has worked for me best when I go a couple of hours before daylight I howl and then mark the areas I get a response then return at light and set up my stand to call, remember that a coyote howls to communicate, diff howls have diff meanings, you can easily howl a warning rather than a challenge or here I am big takes some serious skill to be consistant, If you want to use a howler try and duplicate the sound you hear. I prefer my mouth calls for a couple of reasons, I never over call. cuz you have to breath once in awhile. I can tell a area right off that has been hit hard usually with a electronic caller by watching the dogs reaction, I call for about 20- 30 mins per set-up using diff sounds. I have tied decoys but have not noticed any diff in success. the biggest mistake I see is the habit of climbing up on a high place to call, instead stay on the down side of a ridge or in a brushy draw and make them come over the top to you. it works a lot better.. good luck h2m

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