Couple Pics from weekend Hunt

Horn Seeker

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Dec 21, 2000
Billings, MT, USA
Well, 6 good days of hunting and no critters on the ground, but much fun has been had by all!

I've seen about 6 300ish bulls at 50 yards or less, but have had no shot opps! Almost let fly on a 4 point rag 2 days ago, but again, not quite the angle I needed before he got nervous and got out! Oh well, its all fun!

This first pic is the sight I saw when we chased some bugling up through a canyon towards a saddle. I should have been staking out the saddle while my buddy pushed! 50 elk, 40 cows, 5 spikes, a big 5 a dandy 6 and 3 rags!


This nice bull was grunting up a storm and I was within 15 yards of him many times. Wish I had that tag!


Elk hunting or goat hunting??

A sweet water hole I found in the middle of NOWHERE! May have to pack a treestand in here someday (only about a 3 hour pack in).

Good Luck All!
Nice pics Seeker. I reminded me of some I saw last weekend. They were bugling heavy and woke me from a nap.

Unfortunately, there were 66 in this group and they bedded in a large opening, so I had no shot at a sneak.

Here is another small bull I found at a wallow. There were two others with it, but they didn't make the shot.
Great pics both of you. i got bulls screaming back at me with my camcorder and some elk way up high on a rdige. Then went to use it and the battery was dead. Guess the cold weather did it.
Beutiful Pics Gent's sure looks a lot better than the camels and donkeys I see around here.

One question though for MTMiller (others if ya want) if ya had the shot on the nice lil bull in that wallow would you have taken the shot, with him all muddy???

Personally for me I think I'd have to let him go, wouldn't want to have to hose him off afore cleaning and quartering! Also I don't tend to carry that 1000 gal water tank and sprayer with me!
if ya had the shot on the nice lil bull in that wallow would you have taken the shot, with him all muddy???
Probably not on a bull of that size, but if he was much bigger, I would probably put up with the mess and stink. :D