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Chuckars are thick as flies

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
The hatch this year was unbelievable. I've never seen this many birds in my whole life!

Tuesday afternoon a friend and I went to my local chuckar honey hole. After the 45 minute vertical climb, Bonnie my GSP started picking up scent.

First covey of about 30 birds came up. I got one bird, my Friend 2.

Second covey 8 birds. Each of us got one.

Third covey. Bonnie was locking up 100 yards out, creeping, locking, creeping, then a solid tail-quivering point. Birds erupted all around us. Easy 100+ birds, I kid you not. It looked like a hornets nest. Birds flying away, to the side, and right at you. My first shot was a panic shot. The second and third dropped birds. Reload. Bang! another down. My friend dropped two out of 10 shots!

It takes awhile to find the dead birds because I didn't mark them well.

With the big covey scattered, the singles and small groups were really talking and easy to get down wind of. Bonnie did her job and did several text book scent, point, retrieves.

Both of us got limits. That picture in my mind of the hornets nest is going to last a while. What a blast.

In my opinion, this number of birds is worth traveling for. If anyone finds themselves in this neck of the woods for the FNAWS show in Jan or for any other reason look me up. I'll take you out for a great hunt.
Congratulations! Hunts like that make me want to quit my job and be a full time chukar hunter!
T-bone between you and Ithaca, with your every other day chukar reports I can hardly stand it. I have only shot 4 chukars in my life. The day I got 3 was and is one of the most memoriable bird hunting days of my life. January Hmmmm. By that time I may be doing a job on the Utah/Az boarder. Good Luck, JLG.
T- Bone

Have some friends in Nevada and they are saying the same thing , Best chuckar hunting they have ever seen, since they've been there.

Going up there in Dec and do some myself for a week.. Chuckars and Huns....
Can't wait

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