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Checking In....


New member
May 8, 2001
Hi all...
Long time no talk. Been busy fishing.
Hope all is well with everybody. How you been Moosie?
Well, bear opens here in about 3 months.
Im not sure if I will be huntung bear this year. That baiting is alot of work but the rewards are well worth it.
Please help convincing me to get motivated.
Dont get me wrong, I will still be hunting but concentrating on getting a nice bull this year. I just need some motivational speeking.
I cant beleive Im already thinking about hunting, walleye just opened 2 weeks ago.
Well I be checking this forum frequently so any words of motivation would be great.

PS. Mixing molases, vanilla and honey in a burn is a lethal combo.


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
VIRT, LOOK at the bear pics.. Thats what I do to get motivated smile.gif Not that it takes me anything to get motivated. Bears are AWSOME !!! Nothing like hearing a huge bear move stealthly through the woods.

Glad ya popped your head in. Hopefully you get the bear and bull you seek !!!