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Dec 6, 2003
Frigid Ohio
This is a bit early, but I've got a shot at a Lead Auditor position in Chas, SC.

Any of y'all from around there? Could use some help getting relocated, if this thing comes through.
Not much..

A few bent fishing rods

Some rusty rifles & shotguns

A busted boat

A freezer full of rotting meat

and some water logged clothes....

That's about it!
Got a second call today. A couple of regional 'whigs want to talk to me tomorrow. They really like my Marine Corps background. HMMMMM... Am I heading into a hot zone again ??? :confused:

Cross yer fingers, light a candle, say a prayer, do what ever !!!! :D

No more leaving the house at 3AM, a company car & gas, overnight expenses paid.

And I'm about 600 miles closer to my son.
Well Gunner first off I'd never have moved to Florida ;) second of all South Cakalaky is cool!, well since my other hobby is relic hunting,that's where the goos $hit is wee! doggie! I'd move there just to go relic hunting.And thirdly or for ya'll who dont understand thirdly,and lastly "Semper Fi".....former Marine here also India Company 3/1 Weapons Platoon Dragon Gunner..........KABOOM! Ooh! Rah! Did you see the size of that explosion?Hahahahaha! lets try another half pound of C4 and see what that does! ;) You know what Im talking about,oh! the good ol' days. Daniel
i hope its a good job and you get it.its only 46 miles from downtown charleston to my club. :D .just think, velvet whitetails with a rifle and 100 degree opening day heat.
i can check with some of the guys at the club and find out what areas are good to live in and where the bad ones are. goose creek is a good area i know for sure
Well, I guess the conference call went OK. There was the typical HR Bimbo and the VP of Finance.

It went a little like this...

HR Bimbo: " Where to do you want to be 5 yrs from now"?

Me: " I want to be a freakin' millionaire. Sheeze, that's a dumba$$ question".

HR Bimbo: " Tell us about one of the most difficult experiences in your career and what did you do about it".

ME: " Gettin' the freakin' million! I just keep buying another lottery ticket every week. Sheeze, another dumba$$ qustion".

VP: " How would you handle a customer that has an unreasonable requst" ?

Me: "Tell 'em to go

VP: "If an Auditor isn't preforming to company expectations, what would you do" ?

Me: "Can his a$$". Da%n Sam, I thought you would ask better questions than the Bimbo" !

And it went on and on and on like that.

When do y'all think I'll start the new job???
You are such an Fing liar!

What you really said was: "I would ask the unreasonable customer out for a latte and console them over their troubled childhood".
Gunna you must be a shoo-in for the position :eek: lol, I had an interview also this week {by phone} same scenario.
The HR chick asks,

"Why do you want to work for this company"

I replied "because you contacted me on the recommendation of my former manager who consults for you" :rolleyes:

Her, "What Salary do you hope to receive"

Me, The salary you advised in the employment package you sent me"

Her, "You say here on you C.V blah blah blah, is that correct?"

Me, No I made it all up.

Man o man I can't wait to meet her ;) :D
I got a phone call from some Employment consulting company in Perth today, telling me I have an interview arranged in Sydney :confused: at 0800 hours on Monday the 1st of November,and then advised flight numbers etc etc, Heck I hadn't even told my wife I had been shortlisted :eek: , now I have to arrange 3 days off from work to fly to Australia and return without letting my company know what I,m doing. ;) :D

How you doin Gunner??
They asked for the names of about a dozen different people, within my region, that they were going to talk to, to check up on me. People outside my department. Guess they want to see if I can play nice with other people, or if I've made any enduring enemies from my audits. Just sitting back relaxing, and waiting.

But ya know, if I don't get it I really don't give a da$m! I really like it here. SC would just get me a little closer to where my son lives, so I could see him more often. But,if it doesn't happen...........I'm cool :cool:
Well the position IS in Western Australia, I prefer Adelaide myself, anyway I had the appointment package sent today {if appointed},the company will pay the movement of 60 cubic metres of household removals,two cars and all animals, conveyance fees on selling and buying a house. , will pay 80% of mortgage interest payments,Electricity,water and land rates,medical insurance,University fees for children,and a very good superannuation scheme.
Oh yeah and wages of course ;)
A place called Karratha in the Pilbara, thats if I get the job and if my 18 year old daughter wants to go,she wants to start a university course in young childhood teaching,I also have a son aged 23 who still lives at home because he gets it so good :rolleyes: but needs to move out and get some real world living under his belt.

I make a good wage here but they are offering in the 6 figure league and I cant afford to dimiss it offhand,anyway a lot of water to flow under the bridge yet,at the least I can do some duty free shopping for xmas. :D
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