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Canned Hunt Story


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Oct 1, 2004
This story made me sick. I encourage you to read it and then go vist the Keith Warren hunting forum and let him know how you feel.

After you read this you will have a better appreciation for the 3 shows that Keith Warren did for the Outdoor Channel recently.

"The Saskatchewan Safari continues as Keith goes after a trophy bull elk, spotting & stalking with his bow." How proud he must be......

Keith Warren wil never see a dime of my money. How can the Outdoor channel air this crap?

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I think it was a set-up just like you hitting every website on the web and posting the link.
you either have something out for keith warren, your an anti, or a buddy of the 2 duffious that were in the story.

Dude- That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO not hunting. To me that is more like a slaughter, almost worse than the way people in Wyoming shoot at the eintire heard of elk while the run through the Hay Fields. I will never go on a "hunt" like that.
Well that's just my thoughts and feelings on the story.
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I think the Guys Hunting were Duschbags. Not that I am for gamefarms persay, But this topic jsut got hased over in the big game section, Same link, same Story, Same guys that couldn't kill a Penned up deer with 5 shots. Same guys that stayed and "JUSTIFIED" a GAme ranch hunt because of the "meat". I know 100's of guys that post here that (First off would realise when someone says Guarenteed on an advertisement that it's a game farm) but also would just turn around once they realise it.. Even if they had laid the "COIN" down. You'd at least have a case if you didn't stay and pull the trigger. These "HUNTERS" brought bad light to a sport MORE for the story then by hurting any game farm operation. MOST people that pay 9k expect to shoot a Penned elk, HELL, I would, either go for free (or pay the state fee I mean) or I'm wanting one for sure. 9k you better whipe my ass as well as have one tied to a fetching tree !!!

Thanx for the link, I do think it sheds some light... Light on some guys that should be hunting game farms, and how easy they are to hunt.

Sorry if those two guys are one of your friends or even if you are one of the guys, but thats my .02
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