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Can it be to easy?


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Dec 11, 2000
Steve works with a guy that moved here with his family from switzerland.
He and his kid's have been intersted in hunting and they have been over looking at our mount's and have eaten game we have given them.
There dad decided he might like to try hunting ,so we called him up on sat. eve and told him we had sunday we could take him and one of the kids out hunting.( He has 5 kid's)
We had talked about not expecting to much his first time out but we should have a good time and see some great country while hike around etc.
So we get to where we leave the truck--and wam peter says "oh there's some deer ":eek: :eek:
We look through the bino's and sure enough there both buck's.
Both fork-horn's, we hadn't got to where we wanted to be,but peter decides to not let this first chance pass and said he would like to try for one of them. The deer moved off and he did get to do a short stalk ,Steve was with him the whole way ,I stayed back watching with his son.
We heard one shot and as I looked through my bino's I could see only one deer moving off.
I was pretty sure he had shot the other one and as i told his son ,
you could see the excitment on his face .
When we got to where peter and his deer were LOL he was in shock.
First hunt,less then 10 min,one shot ,one small buck.
The look on there faces was priceless.
Last night there whole family came over and we showed them how to cut & wrap there deer.
They are already planning for next year ,the oldes boy will be taking his hunter ed. class and really would like to hunt next year.
We told them not to expect it to happen that fast next year.
It was really nice to see how the whole family got into this,all the kids wanting to know how you clean one and how to cut the meat.
The kids range in age from 2 1/2 to 11 year's old .
That's really great! The best way to hook a kid is with quick success. Even if it's a rabbit, squirrel, etc. Good job!

Never too easy for your first animal!!!! Like was said above, it gets 'em hooked!!! Congrats on a job well done!!
That's awesome! The only thing that could have made it bad is if he had shot a monster that easily on his first time out. Then he'd be expecting you to put him on Booners every time he hopped out of the truck. ;)
That's great! It's at least as much fun as shooting one yourself---maybe more fun!
DEB... I haven't spoke Swiss German in a LONg time, NEXT time invite me over too :D :D :D


HUUUUUuuuuuuuuuura GOOT..

(Hure "MEANS WHORE" and Gut is GOOD.) VERY good ;) they'll know I speak Barner deutch (BERN "CAPITAL" GERMAN)...

Tschau !!
Moosie ,Ill let Steve try that.
Ill give you a call and we can get together with them,we can get Steve to BBQ for us.
They have alot of outdoor stuff they would like to try .
I have a fishing/camping trip I told the kid's we would do next year.
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