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Bounty Hunter


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Jul 10, 2001
Northern Colorado
I picked up my bounty check for 3 coyotes I turned in at the hunt club last week. The bounty is $25 a head and they let you keep the hide. I wish there was more coyotes in Pennsylvania. ;)

Hey Nut,
When is your season on yotes and what is the out of state cost for a license?
Just got my AR dialed in, 7 groups of 5-6 holes each group covered by a dime @ 100 yards.
I like the scope Funter gave me for it!
thanks for the info Nut.
I will have to wait for the fall season in 05 before hunting them for the pelts.
That and to save up some money for travel, license and living expenses for a day or two.
I'll write you if and when I can get that way.
i could make a living off that if we could get that here in other countys they pay a bounty but here they take the money and hire a state trapper well if i could shoot staighter and faster i could make a living i called in 5 sunday and found 19 sheds.
missed the first one with no excuse but i missed the next shot i took i missjudged the distance and shot over its head three coyotes came at the same time that set the last one i was looking for sheds and left the gun at the truck when i heard him howl i howled back he came to 75 yds and stopped then trotted off like he knew i was unarmed. good weekend even though i only had sunday off work
Hey Doug you want me to send ya a few. with the bounty we could pay to tan them hides and then sell them and make more money........LOL

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