Blood on my hands


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Dec 11, 2000
OK I can not tell a lie, Steve and I came home with tags in our packs.
We had a great hunt saw lots of game ,had Bulls real pissed off and close but not close enough. LOL
We got home and on sunday had just unloaded the pick-up,and I got a call from our son, asking if we would come help him pack out the two elk him and his friend had just shot.
I laughed because I thought he was joking again.
The little shit called me not far from where he and a friend had both nailed Bulls .
So Steve and I loaded things back up and drove 2 1/2 hr. to the cabin where Kendra and the kids were staying.

Bill our son shot a spike and his friend Dan got a 5 point ( His first Elk )and only his third animal.
Our son shot the spike,while they were watching it fall here comes some cows,Dan starts to draw and Bill see the bigger bull with his nose on the ground falling the cow ,so he wicpers to Dan wait big bull.
Dan waits ,the bull stops when Bill blew the cow call ,Dan shoots and his arrow exploads into a tree LOL the bull stood there looking at them while Dan nocked another arrow and shot ,this time hitting him with in both lungs.
So we headed out with our packs in the truck and the ATVs in the back
Picked up the grandkids and daughter-in-law and off we went.
Between her directions and a two way radio we found the guys and were able to find an old logging road that wound its way somewhat closer to the downed Elk.
While Kendra,Sidney and Cody stayed by the ATV's ( Cody age 2 ,had fallen asleep on the ride in LOL ,and it was to far and steep for the kids anyway ) Steve and I met Dan ,he took us to where the downed bulls were.
Bill had the one bull all boned out ,and had his quartered and was stripping off as much meat as he could get when we got there.
So I helped him with that while Steve and Dan starting loading the pack frames.
On the last pack we decided to take the kids and as much Elk and packs as we could back to the truck and have Kendra drive it into a spot to wait,Bill and Dan had gone in for the last load and Steve and I were to meet them back at the bottom to haul there tired bodys and the last load to the truck.
When the pair went back in for the last load they found a bear sitting on what was left of the elk,and had started covering it.
They said it sure didnt want to leave,so they picked up large sticks and started yelling at it and banging on the tree's,it finally moved a little was off the carcas so they were able (or felt safe enough to grab the game bags and back out of there).
They said as soon as they moved away the bear was right back on the carcas.

Steve and I got home around 12:30 sunday night,as we both had to work monday.
Good story some bulls just act plain stupid sometimes....
Congrats to your son and his friend! Too bad about you and Steve coming home emptyhanded, but I trust you had a great time!

DEB.. So thats why I couldn't get ahold of you two :D :D

HEY , WHY is it I always hear about these stupoic bear sthat stay on kill piles... NO-ONE ever shoots them with a bow. I think I'd be ALL over racing there with a Broadhead and SWOOOOOOOSH !!!! SMACK !! MAybe thats just me though ?!?!

Anyways, TELL the kids congrats and good story !!!! I see you're up there tearing up the Hillsides Again.. HAHA I'm having lunch with Ithica tomorrow and I'm TELLING on you !!!! :D :D Hehe
Moosie,The area happens to be a draw only for bears.
Thats really sucks because we saw LOTS of bear sign.
Bill has been close enough a number of times in that unit to wack one with a bow.
DS ,LOL acting stupit is right,I sure hope I run into one of those.
The guys got pictures,I got alittle on video.
Moosie,Have a good time at lunch.
Better have some antacid with you I hear some parts of Boise serve (green food)and it

might not agree with even your iron gut. ;) ;)
I eat it ,and sometime even go back for more,Steve and I found it really all depend on the server :D
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