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Jan 5, 2001
Omaha, NE usa
headed out this afternoon & tomorrow with my two boys(6&11) to try and whack a b-tail and piggy--quick hunt as the oldest has a baseball game on Sunday--chris
just got home--got a pig and missed a buck--rushed my shot--some cows had spooked him with 2 does and the does ran off he stood there for a couple of seconds-I thought he was going to bolt, so I off-handed and at 250+yds I hit right above him--dern blacktails are so stinkin small that it doesn't take much to miss them at that distance--still I should've had him--bottom line was the boys had a blast--my youngest one saw an antelope(they don't exist here), numerous deer--I saw 1 buck, 4 does and 2 fawns--usually I see a whole lot more, I think it's been hunted to hard and the bucks have moved along with some does, he saw a bear(I've never even seen bear sign at this place)and a few other animals that I forget--basically he was excited---every noise was a deer and boy can he talk---I'll post a pic later if I can get it to work--chris
don't get too excited about the pic-small boar pig--I just woke up and we're off to dinner--maybe tomorrow I'll get time if I don't get to it tonite--chris

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well that didn't work--hosted it at a refresher course in posting pics I guess--chris
the kids have a blast and so do I -- they are really into hunting--hope it stays that way--it will be tougher for the older one, as school and sports will most likely cause some interference, but luckily we can hunt in July and August for deer(which is insane to me) and pig year around-- but CA allows it so that should allow us to hunt together before sports and school--he'll be able to hunt with a gun next year and that will be so much fun---now why that pic won't post is another matter--chris
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