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Big South Fork National Recreation Area, Tn pig hunting


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Jun 8, 2016
Murfreesboro, Tn
I am planning to try my hand at some pig hunting here in my home state of Tennessee. I have never been out there in person, but from the digital scouting I have done, I can tell it is a very rugged, back country area. I was wondering if anybody on this forum has hunted out there, even if it was just for deer. If so, I'd love some feedback. I'm not asking for specific places, but, any tips can help. I'm going to make it a dual purpose trip, meaning I'm gonna deer hunt and pig hunt. I'm going to hunt a few weekends and set up a tent and hunt from a base camp. I am fully expecting to not see a single pig, I mean, as long as I'm in the woods, I'm happy. Any help would be great.


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Aug 6, 2015
East Tennessee
I have never hunted there, but I did hike in there years ago. As I can remember it was very rugged terrain in places. As far as hogs go on public land, find fresh rooting, like less than 24 hrs old, and hunt it. Anything other than that they have already passed through. Most of the hogs I have seen have been incidental and just bumped into them on logging roads. I would personally hunt where I found fresh deer sign and plentiful food. Last year acorns were scarce so who knows about this fall. Give yourself a scouting day or two ahead of time if you can. If acorns are limited again, look until you find some, and hunt that spot relentlessly and you will see something. Thats my general advice on public land around here, although Ive never hunted BSF itself. Good luck.