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Jan 15, 2003
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Delw, where's your vidcaps of that pronghorn you were talking about? Here's one that might hold your interest. How's he compare to the buck in your video? Sorry about the quality of the pics. They were very dark, so I tried to brighten them in Photoshop. It worked, sorta.




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I got the tape right here in front of me... just havent plugged it in yet.. been busy with stuff... DOnt worry I wont forget. I have a bunch I will be putting on soon(haha my soon not anyone else's soon
Thats a nice thick lope, thats what about 18" tall?
Holy cow now that is an antelope. It must be close to 90. What a stud!

Only once have I seen an antelope in that league, and it was in Arizona in 1997, feeding in somebody's yard in the city limits of Prescott Valley. It was across the road from a unit I was hunting at the time. It actually looked very much like that buck, I figured 18" or better with good mass and prongs.

That wouldn't be a unit 19 buck from Arizona, would it?
Greenhorn, the buck is from 19A, but the picture was taken in 1999 (if my memory serves me correctly). Although, if you were next to some houses the buck below may have been the one you saw in 1997. The pictures are from 1998, but the buck was actually a little bigger in 1997. Any rememberence of where you were when you saw him? Oh, and the buck above I guessed right at 92. 18 4/8 long, 6 inch prong, 14 on the bottom with 7 4/8 on top. In 1997, the buck below probably scored right at 92 or 93. He was actually taken the year of the pictures. If his tip hadn't broken he would've gross scored 92 4/8. Even with the tip gone he grossed 91 7/8.
I think i have a pic of that same antelope in my files, I got in an e-mail, its a lot clear photo, I'll post it when I have time.
HA HA HA I must have time on my hands, heres the pic. I got it in an email a couple years ago, the buck was harvested that year in AZ. I'm pretty sure its the same buck you guys have pics of.

I took that picture. That's a buck we called "Sticks". Scored 94.1 SCI. 21 inches long. The longest buck ever recorded. I've got some pictures of him the year before, but he wasn't as long. Maybe 19-19 4/8.

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I'm on a roll - goin' through old pictures. The buck above - Sticks - is the buck below. The first pic is from 1998. You can see how different his tops are shaped (a little lesson in antelope horn growth there). The next pic is early in 1999 and he's still right at 19 1/2 inches. In the next two pics he's full grown.

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Omen... I am glad you came to this forum.. Finally someone who lives in AZ and like to hunt antelope..

I'll get some vids up maybe tomorrow or tonight, I am catching up on my work...

We lived in prescott for a little while also, my wife lived there for a long time when she was a kid.....
Always glad to converse with fellow antelope hunters. In fact, they're all I hunt. I'm a fanatic. Antelope ARE my life. At least it feels that way sometimes. Oh, and I like computers, too (in case you haven't figured that out).
Omen, Great photos. I would bet that buck is the one I saw. It was near the road that divided 19A North and the archery only area. I would have to dig out a map to double check but he was right off the paved road that divided the units, but not quite to the Coyote Springs subdivision coming from the west.

I was hunting muzzleloader season in 19A North and missed a really good buck on that hunt a few times. He was likely in the 85 net range. I think locals had him named Woody. Real heavy and ugly straigh up close together horns with decent curl on top, maybe in the 16" range with real good mass and prong. I scared him on to Wilkersons and ended up having to shoot my 2nd pick, an 81" pretty 16" buck.

I shot a neat one this year in MT with my bow. Have some awesome video of him.

That buck is awesome. I've seen some pictures of it on some other sites. It's a tough one to judge.
I found a photo of the buck above (gross score of 91.7) that'll illuminate his size even more.


I shot at this buck and missed him three different times with my bow. I hate missing.
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