Better to be lucky


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Sep 10, 2019
We have all hoped to be that guy where luck is just on your side for me this was that hunt. My family owns some farm land in Nebraska and for the last few years I have traveled back to do some hunting both for deer and pheasant. Last year my brother and I decided to take a few days off and do some deer hunting. As we are driving to the farm that we are going to hunt opening morning we joked back and forth saying things like "Wouldn't it be nice to walk in and have a 170" deer just standing there". I am sure most of us have done that just hoping for all the luck to be with you that day. We pull up on the edge of the farm and waited for it to get light knowing it will only take us a couple of minutes to walk in didn't want to bump anything walking in. We had just walked about 60 yards from the truck and here comes a doe followed by a great buck. The doe stops and looks at us and so does the buck. He gave me just enough time to get my rifle on the shooting sticks and make a shot. My brother and I look at each other both saying did that just happen. We didn't have a lot of time to size him up just knew he was a good buck. When we walked up we couldn't believe what was lying there in front of us not sure words can explain it. I know this buck deserves a great story of how I was able to get him, but I was just that lucky guy. He was offically scored at 205 4/8" gross and netted 195 2/8". IMG_2317.jpg IMG_2315.jpg IMG_2320.jpg

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