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Best Idaho trophy area

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
For you Idaho hunters...If you could choose one unit to draw a late season buck tag which would it be?

Bennet Mtn has received lots of deserved publicity over the last 5 years....But I still think the Owyhee units hold more big deer. Unit 41 or 42 has my vote.

Eastern Idaho has the genetics for the big boys, but the herd #'s havn't rebuilt.

Which unit has your vote
Any late season hunt in Idaho would be a good bet. It is good to apply every year, but If no tag, best bet would be to find a higher timberd place, that would be huntable every year,with out having to wait for weather. Stay right on the tops of ridges. First thing in the morning or last hour of light is best,but you can jump them up on ridge tops.areas 39 and 43 are good. but people will be on every road. my 2 cents
Like any good late season hunt, all the tags are hard to draw. If I had to pick one, I would go for Unit 56. With only 35 tags now available, it is probably one of the hardest tags to get a hold of. Like T Bone said, deer numbers are way down but I have known a few big old boys that have been taken down that way. Unit 56 is managed much like unit 40 - two point only for general deer and any buck for the draw.

45 would be my first choice and unit 56 would be my second choice. Both tags are too hard to draw in my opinion because you would be lucky to get to hunt one of those late hunts once ever 25 years with the current draw odds.
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