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Feb 18, 2002
Sorry about the title but I'll explain why.


I've been shed hunting a lot this year and I've found a lot of skeletons of deer with the complete head gone. Until today I always looked for the best in the bad, and thought that maybe they were not poached. But today I found this buck that the head was still attached but clearly the horns were cut off! This was one of the biggest bodied bucks I've seen. I thought it was a yearling cow skeleton i found till i saw the skull and the deer legs. It had some of the biggest hoofs I've ever seen on a mule deer. Bastards once again took another trophy mule deer from the herd. It seriously ruined my day. That damn poacher not only took 1 less deer to be hunted, but one less deer to be viewed by everyone, regardless if they hunt or not.

On a side not here is a pretty nice shed I found, still didn't make me feel any better though.

bummer i hate poachers i found some nice sheds yesterday i'll get some pictures soon and post them
i found out why i'm finding mostly 3 points the three biggest antlers i have found are three points and over 75% of the others are too.
the bloodlines there must be for three's and the big boys are making more
Wyodeerhunter, Whats to say this buck wasnt shot legal, and the hunter just wanted the antlers and meat? or did you find the quarters laying around also.

Thats how we used to do it in washington, no sence in keepoing the heads or ribs we just cut the horns and took all 4 quarters(well at least three if one was bad)

All the bones were there including the quarters. I've done that before too in the high country, but in this unit its easy terrain and most people just load up all their critters whole. Its a special draw unit and theres some awesome bucks in it.
WO, Maybe you could clue game & fish on it. They could grab some DNA evidence. It might prove helpful later on, Just a thought, Good Luck, JLG.
BUMMER WYO !!!! Keep hitting the hills, Maybe someday You'll catch them and can take care of them Style
could, this deer have been dead before the horns were cut off ??
I imagine so. I'd hate to see the results of trying to cut them off while he was alive. ;)

could, this deer have been dead before the horns were cut off ??

whatever the case, thanks for the pictures !
DNA evidence seems to be some thing that is being done a lot more and for a good cause... If you could collect the skull also, some times I would immagine they could get a good fit if the perp is caught if they haven't trimmed the head gear...
In my horn hunting trips I've found several carcasses with the heads missing.A good freind of mine has made similar observations.We just figured some other critter was dragin the heads off,not really thinking about poachers really.This post now has me wondering???Finding more Moose carcasses also,same thing ...heads gone lot's of other bones.Moose permits here are draw only and none for some of these regions where I've found remains.Gonna put a critter cam out there later this year and see if I can catch sight of evidence.
Not to justify what anyone is seeing, because I believe that you are finding the results of poaching, but we haven't taken a bone from any kill in 6 years. We bone the animal out and take only the meat. No use packing out a much of bone.

A cut is made down the spine, and the hide is peeled back from one side. The back strap is removed and the side meat taken off. Next the quarters and neck are boned out. The animal is turned over and the same process takes place. We don't even gut the carcass. You wind up with a carcass that isn't disected, but the meat is all gone. So, it's possible that's what you're seeing, but I seriously doubt it.

Just food for thought.

Good post guy's...
Ship...I believe spy cams in the woods is against the rules, you may want to look at the regs.
We bone the animal out and take only the meat. No use packing out a much of bone.
How do you get the tenderloin out from along the inside of the backbone without opening the animal???

We've done the same for about 4 or 5 years. All you do is make a cut at the back/top of the ribs, and you can reach in and pull the good stuff out! Hell a lot less mess than guttin the friggers out. I'll never do that again.

Sucks if the deer was poached, though.

Bastards. :mad:
I'm not saying that the deer was not poached but it could be the product of a hunter that just thought he missed and did not go follow up to make sure. (This happens more than we like to admit) And another hunter found the Deer already spoiled and just cut off the rack. Or maybe your right it was some Bastard Poacher. I guess we will never know. :confused:
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