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Barnes Bullets dumps USO!!


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Jan 16, 2002
From Barnes Bullets:

After carefully evaluating the information and comments received concerning the litigation between United States Outfitters and the State of Arizona, Barnes Bullets has withdrawn its sponsorship of USO's "Real Hunting Adventures."
1. While Barnes has used USO's outfitting services with satisfaction, Barnes Bullets has never been a party to, nor endorsed, United States Outfitter's lawsuit regarding the availability and distribution of non-resident hunting tags in Arizona or any other western state.
We at Barnes Bullets appreciate the concerns our customers have expressed, and hope this action assures them we have their best interests at heart. Barnes Bullets offers financial support to many organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation and the preservation of the hunting and shooting sports. The list includes the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club International, the Wild Turkey Federation, Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Hunting & Shooting Sports Heritage Foundation, and the National Rifle Association.
We regret any event that causes dissension in hunter ranks or between sportsmen and regulatory organizations.
Randy and Coni Brooks Barnes Bullets
Barnes Bullets, Inc. PO Box 215 American Fork, UT 1-801-756-4222 [email protected]
Great news Stan, now we need to get Swarovski.

USO has already won the lawsuite in Az., but it needs to be demenstrated that the sportsmen of ANY state will not roll over and play dead.
From what I've seen on other boards, the AZ. Dept of G&F is going to take some very good steps to protect it's sportsmen.
Problem is A-con is that until the clients with the big $$$$ go elsewhere, USO will remain in operation. Sure, you can hurt their pocketbook with sponsorship pull-outs, but ultimately it comes down to clients. As long as there are people willing to pay serious sums of cash to get a hunt through USO there will be operations like USO. After all, how many of those people are the true hunters and how many are wanting to "buy" the hunt and trophy.