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Nov 28, 2001
Well it started out on Sunday afternoon..I took my nephew into the Big hole for a walk in elk hunt. His first. The first bad thing was the river was froze half over, so instead of driving a couple extra miles to where I usually park and walk in, it was a walk from there. The snow was about four inches and the hike was five miles. We found my old camp well after dark and the lean to was caved in and totally collapsed. So we spent the next couple hours getting every thing cleaned up and the snow cleaned off the ground well enough to set the tent up. Finally hit the sack and had a good rest. Up early the next morning, I turned my nephew loose into a good area up on the hill were I shot a spike last year, while I took off for the top of the mountain on a scouting run. Finally broke some tracks that were half filled in and set to following. They meanered around for about four miles, in the mean time, I knew I was gaining on them because I ran across three sets of beds in the snow and the tracks had less snow in them each time. On the third set of beds, I noticed that there was no snow in the beds or in the exit tracks..Looking up in the trees there was the heard, there was about a dozen to the group. I wasn't to concerend on what I shot since I had a cow tag. There was a calf looking at me and would have been an easy shot, but I was after some thing a little bigger. Manuvering around the trees, I picked out what looked to be a good sized cow. I couldn't see the whole head and only the hind end with the stomach. I could also see part of its neck. So that is what I shot. It dropped like a rock and the rest of the herd scatterd as expected when the silence of the woods is shatterd by the sound of a 300wthby. Getting over to the downed animal, I realized I had shot a 2x3. Pics will be in next week some time along with the pics of my buck from a couple weeks ago. Have lots to do before then. I packed in two loads the elk to our camp a mile and a half away..Then this morning I packed the front half of the elk the five miles to the truck in one load..That was kinda heavy...LOL..Tomorrow we will go up after the rest of the camp and I will carry the back half out in one load. It, I am guessing will hit the scales at around 110-120 lbs....That is the fun I have been having for the last few days.... :D :D :D
Congrats Chaser! My back is still recovering from packing those 100 pound loads out Saturday. Oh, but how sweet it is! Gott him all in the freezer now, love that sight.

Be careful out there with all that weight!
Congrats :cool: I would be estatic with the chances you have Elkchsr. Dont know about the hiking though. If I get out west I will have to find a place where road hunting is the best. ;) :D :eek:

Will be waiting on the pics.
:D ;)
Thats amsome Unc. I can't wait to see some pics. There probably going to be really awsome. So did alex have a good time. I can't wait to get my chance to go with you. ;) ;)
Way to go Russ!! If you had a cow tag how could you shoot a 3x2?? LOL Congrats, along with the others I can't wait to see the pictures!!
Congrats Russ. Cool story. I do not miss those days with elk on my back. Let me know when you have the pictures ready if you need them hosted for you. ;)

Congratulations. I feel for you on those long trips to pack out the animal.

If you ever hunt Colorado, you want to be a little more careful because about 3/4 of the game management units have a 4-point minimum. So even with a bull tag and a cow tag you have to see the whole rack to be sure.

This area I was hunting in was spike or better, that's why I wasn't to concerned what it was. TK, the cow tag in a spike only unit really means either sex. I would never take an unethical shot, if I would have had to wait until I saw the head, that is what would have happened. Thanks for the kudo's guy's and yes Bill, when the pics come back, I will be sending them on down... :D :D :D
Ill bet it will feel pretty good to have all of that in the freezer!!!
Sounds like a good trip ,the hike and pack I could take,the sleeping in a tent, YUCK ;)
Way to go on the animals.
Russ, I know you wouldn't take a shot like that if you weren't sure what it was. I was just being a smart ass. :D :D Congrats again fellow elk slayer. :D
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