Az402's Javelina


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az

I shot this piggy down in Mexico just before Christmas. I took the pic off of my tri-pod, so it's not the best. Just an average 40lb javelina. 6yrd shot, ran about 20 more after it was hit.
Nice smile. What the hell are you doing to that dead pig?

Nice picture, just a little kinky for me.
Nice job and cool picture. What are the regs like for hunting them in Mexico?
Greeny, what happened between me and that pig stays between me and that pig.

Few, I really don't know the regs for the javelina in Mexico. The ranch we hunted on said we could shoot two of them if we wanted, no charge.

Buzz, I haven't really gone after the javelina here in AZ much this year. After seeing the pigs you and the other hunttalkers have taken, I may have to put a little effort in this weekend........
Hey, if you go good luck. That country you live around down there is loaded with pigs, so I dont think you'll need much luck. Oh, I saw a picture of your bull in the Wal-Mart in Cottonwood. I hunted with my buddy who lives just a few miles from Cottonwood, he runs part of the Page Springs fish hatchery.
Congrats Stan,
Good pic! Looks like perty Country! Also looks like a whole lotta fun! I might have to chase after them someday!