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Jan 1, 2001
Well, I am down to my last few minutes of work and I am fired up to get going.

I will be in central ND tomorrow with my son and daughter trying to Jakey (9 years old) his first deer with a bow! We have a great spot lined up and he should get an opportunity, if he can stay composed. I am more excited at the prospect of seeing him get a crack at his first deer than anything else!! I really hope it happens for him.

I am leaving early Sunday morning for Unit 1 in AZ. As soon as I arrive, I will be putting up game cameras at some waterholes and seeps I found during our early scouting trip two weeks ago. I hope to have pictures to share before the hunt begins a week from today. I will also be scouting with a couple of friends (Jim and JD) from AZ for three more days and trying to get a bead on a few good bulls we located earlier.

I will attach a few from our last scouting trip. These are some good bulls, but like always we saw a few that were much better and couldn't get pictures of them!! Some of these are JD’s pictures (thanks for sharing them) and some are mine. I will try to give updates when I can until Randy arrives next Thursday. Take care and good luck with your hunts!


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good luck. you are in for a great hunt. The moon phase will be awesome, IMO. My NM hunt starts next friday and starts with a half moon waning to nothing over the season, as it does for your hunt. Should be ideal.
good luck Buschy. hope you have a great trip. drop a biggun. but take your time, no need to rush things along.;):D
Best of luck Buschy...Can't wait for the pictures...Just a prediction...Mr. Big will cross the fence and into your shoot range opening day! If you get some down time in the evening post some pictures of Jakey in the blind or better yet with his first bow kill!
Flat ground. Herds of mature bulls running around in the open.
I feel sorry for you because now your going to be spoiled.

Good luck, I can't wait for the story.
Good luck Buschy. Can't wait to hear about the hunt. Sitting on 10 pts myself in AZ, someday... later, Fish
Arizona is such an awesome chance at a great bull. For a great Mule Deer hunter like yourself you will have much success I'm sure. I'll put you in my Elk prayers as mine are starting tonight! Best of luck man.

I have hunted Unit 1 quite a bit and hunted turkey's there two years ago. Judging by the pictures, you are not too terrible far from Big Lake and that is a good place to start! Even if I am wrong about that, Unit 1 is good throughout. I will be looking for updates as the hunt progresses. I told Big Fin that anything I can do to help is offered....does not appear that will be needed, but if it is......
I made it to Moab tonight. If not for the lovely traffic of SLC, I could be sharing camp with Buschy and Jim, rather than them calling me twice today, chattering frantically about all the bulls they are seeing, and specifically a really big one who gave them the pose at 90 yards.

If the hunt turns out to be anything like the scouting, it should be one for the ages,

I will be up and on the road early, in time to set up camp and spend an evening of scouting. Then, come Friday, it is game time. Can't wait.

Will try to post a couple times a day, if coverage is available.
Good luck to you guys. I look forward to seeing a big, stinky bull posted here when I return from WY next week.

Fin, you're only 100 miles from here. If I was on the route you could have stayed here and gotten up with the chickens and I. Hoping to be on the road by 5:30.
The sunrise on the redrocks of Moab is beautiful. Moving too fast to stop and take pics. Need to get to AZ and get a camp set up and scout some bulls this afternoon.

More later.
This place is making Utah look pretty average. If Buschy shoots the biggest bull we know of, he will be close to four bills. Standby guys. This could be one to remember. Hope the bulls don't keep us awake all night. Can't wait 'til morning.
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