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Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Flipper sent me these pics.. I'll let him tell the story.. I deleted the First E-mail so I don't have it .. OOPS




THAT IS A HAWG!!! I too can't wait for the story. What did he score?? Gotta love those TALL and WIDE racks!
Well it took so long to get the pics posted........ :rolleyes: I forgot most of the story
J/K Oscar...thank you for your help.

Now you want the magazine story or the short version??? :D
Ok here is the short version;

The deer was shot in McMinn county,Tennessee.Which is half way between Knoxville and Chattanooga. It was Thanksgiving Day and it was 13 degrees.After sitting for 3 hours or so,I stood up,was hunting from the ground,and figured it was about time to go so I gathered up everything and had just piled it up beside the tree when I heard him running towards me.My hunting buddy was hunting 500 yards or so up above me and he had started walking in my direction to get me,when he jumped the buck.He said he could not tell that it was a buck,that he could only catch glimpes of it thru the trees.So it came all the way down the ridge and on past me,without me ever seeing it,then it made a big circle in my direction and came back by me at 40 yards.It was very thick where he stopped and I still could not see antlers,so I raised my rifle, looked thru the scope at his head and finally saw some antler,immediately I lowered the rifle to his shoulder and fired.The deer ran out of sight,but I heard him crashing thru the woods and then there was silence.I waited for Tim to get down where I was and he asked,how big was it and I said,I have no idea,saw it was legal and fired.We start trailing him and I was looking at he ground for blood when Tim said there he is,when I looked up I was about 45 or 50 yards from the deer and all I could see was the rack sticking up.I just sat down right there and stared at this rack,probably 3 or 4 minutes passed and I went over to him and could not believe the size of his rack.
And the rest is history,field dressed him,we dragged him out,loaded him,went home.

Turns out to be the largest 8 point ever killed in the state and is the McMinn county record.
A state biologists aged this deer at only 2 1/2 years old.I sure would like to have seen him in another 2 or 3 years!!!!
B&C gross score...155 5/8
netted.....151 3/8
23" inside spread
main beams are......26"
G2's are both right at...13"
Deer dressed weight...118 lbs
It was featured in Tennessee Sportsman Magazine...the same mag Georgia and Texas has.
Rifle used Browning 270 Stalker
Leupold scope 3.5 x 10 50
Nice buck Flipper! It sounds like you were hunting for any legal buck, congats on scoring with a true trophy!!
You're right, what would that buck have been in 2-3 years! He's a trophy of a lifetime. Congratulations!!!!
What method did you use to post the picture? The reason I ask is that my wife posted her elk pictures on another website and sometimes they are there and other times all you see are small red x's. She originally downloaded them on Webshots but is looking for a different place as she thinks that is where the problem lies. Any help you can give us is greatly appreciated.
Again, congratulations on your trophy, it is truly awesome!!

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