Awesome Hunt


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May 8, 2001
Hi All..
Just got back from my deer hunt in Fort Frances Ontario. Filled all our tags (no big bucks thou)...Well try to post pics when developed. I tagged a little buck and a big doe. We all had a good time. Some boob poached a cow elk the day before in the field beside us. It was radio colored and all. The CO was wandering if we had seen or heard anything. It made me feel bad because of one bad apple, our Elk season might be set back even further now. The MNR are introducing elk to Ontario so there is no open season for them yet..How can someone mistake an elk for a deer. Even my little sister knows the difference between the two....The farmers where so proud that they had an elk in there area, now they might post there property so this doesnt happpen again....
besides that I had a great time and counting the days till next years hunt....
Way to go Virt. Sounds like a successful hunt and I am looking forward to seeing some pictures. Hopefully the Boob (I have another name in mind) will get what is coming to him.

BTW, what are the penalties for poaching in Canada.

Sounds like you had fun
That's what counts
Glad you filled your tags and had a good time. Hope they catch up to the slob that shot the elk. There is no excuse for that and I hope they take him through the ringer when they do catch up with them.

The fines in Canada for poaching Elk and such are not at severe as the ones Ive seen in the States. Ive herad of Elk poachers receive a 2 or 3 thousand dollare fine and the loss of there hunting liscnese for a few years. The thing that gets them in the pocket book is, usually the MNR will seize there rifle, truck, boat, etc. to cover the cost of the court case.
If it was up to me, a poacher (depending on the severity of the crime) should have a lifetime hunting ban and receive some jail time. That would make one think twice before pulling that trigger..