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Jul 7, 2012
North Platte, Nebraska
I am posting this video to put things into perspective, as to what is happening in this country. If people get stupid on the responses and Randy locks it, then I understand what we have.

I lived in Argentina when part of this upheaval was going on, so it hit me pretty hard. We are currently going through the EXACT same thing that happened in that country. If all the left-wingers on this sight want to keep voting for idiots because they think that they are protecting their public lands, then maybe this will be a wake-up, because it is happening quickly.

People, if voters in this country don't get a clue real quickly, then we are done as a country. Argentina is a great country, full of wonderful people, but they have never recovered from the same left-wing, entitlement ideology that seems to be prevalent in this country now. Keep hiding your heads in the sand and voting for more handouts and see what happens.