Apparently I made a new friend


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Jul 7, 2001
Found this in my email this morning. Apparently this guy is not a fan of non-residents. Maybe I should throw my tag away now.

Let me ask you people something why is it that you think Wyoming is the place to hunt?Do to you none residence our hunting for big bucks is over.The huge buckes are almost gone in Wyoming because of you nonresident ****ERS


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Ask that crybaby bastage who he thinks funds a good majority of the hunting in his prescious state
........maybe ol' b'cat found your e-mail addy.....that sounds like one of his dumbass comments.

He should be kissing the feet of every non-res hunter he sees..........because without non-res coming into hunt HIS state, HIS tags would be 10 times as high in order to fund the DOW and it's programs.

Tell him to quit whining and start hunting......
Is it me, or does WY spit out more than its fair share of big bucks every year??? Dam nonresidents... Seems like the quality has goten better over the last few years too.
This person obviously doesn't realize just how much other monies are spent in his state by Non-Residents.
He needs a friend,
DID he Block the return ADDY ? Are you posting on a diferent site and Leaving your Emails .. TSK TSK....

Here's how you Reply, I'll let you cut and Paste this directly if you'd like.


Dear Wyoming resident,
I am truely sorry that Non-Residents are willing to work harder and actually do some hikeing to kill the Bigger Bucks/Bulls then the residents. I will try to make a point to stay more in my truck and whine about not seeing any deer like the locals do and maybe point fingers at others instead of looking into the mirror. I will also Look for More excuses (As I drive home with my 29" buck) why I didn't get the 30" I had hoped for. I'm Blame the weather, other people (Which seems to be the way some work), or even the Fires in Idaho.

Please accept my sorrows at this time for having drawn the Tag and I promise to put some Money into your Economy with Fuel, Food, and Tags. But most people such as yourself living in a single wide don't understand Economics or how ANYTHING works except a beer bottle opener.

That being said, I'd like to close with a NANNY NANNY BOO BOO, Stick your head in DOO DOO. Take care, and God bless !!

-Non Resident Fugger

Well said Moosie. I like it. I was considering Wyoming for my next hunt.
wetzel, mckell
[email protected]

This is the fella that sent me the email. Not really in the mood to make an issue of it, but it was some entertainment for me this morning.

Maybe we can compare notes at the end of the season and he can explain why it took me three years to draw the tag and he has the option to hunt it every year.

Actually I am hoping he gets a good one and rubs it in when I come home empty handed.

Hell, we all badmouth nons anyway.
WELL.... I jsut sent this one... Do you think it was NICE ? I actualyl thought it wasn't mean at all...


Dear Sir,
I was told from a good friend of mine that you know some Good areas to hunt in Wyoming. I'm from Idaho and Have been fortunate enough to Draw in Wyoming 6 or the 7 last years. Unfortunately I've yet to get a BIG BUCK. I've taken 6 nice bucks there but still not Exactly what I'm looknig for. I've taken (My smallest) a 28 1/2" to a 30 3/8" . I'm not complaining about the bucks really but I'm really looking for a 35+ inch buck. I was wondering if you had any info that could help me.

thanx in Advance.

-Moosie (NON Resident slacker)


Uhhhhhhh WHAD-JA think ?
I for one welcome the non-res hunter. There is plenty of game for al of us. Considering Wyoming is the 9th largest state and has the lowest population of all the states, I can't see why he is bitching. MEATHEAD will not be the first non-res I take hunting nor will he be the last.

I like the email Moosie sent.
hummMM nO REPLY YET.. iN THE moRnIGN i MIGHT HAvE TO sEND A new ONE... i MighT Spell JestT Like DIS, DRIveS PeoOPlE NUTZ !!!!

Buuuuahahhah !!!

PS, And I hope he likes "GAY PORN"..... Because there is a Site or Two (OR TEN) that has his EMAIL now.. Don't FUGG With Moosies Montana Buddies !!!
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Do to you <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> ask you people <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> huge buckes are <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

HELL The sun-behatch Spells worse then me... I'd say It could be the Greek but I don't smell the Beer or his Sweaty armpits !!!
Man you are a cruel man Moosie.
Remind me not to piss you off.

Don't be too hard on the guy.
Well.. Still no responce from him. Maybe he's out scouting

I do have 2 questinos though.

1. How did he know you were hunting in Wyoming 2. How did he get your Email ?

He didn't get that from your Licence plate did he ?
God I feel so guilty. Truth is, I sometimes look at other boards. I am so embarrassed.

Actually I post occasionally at Monster Mulies. I think there was a thread last month about "who is hunting Wyoming this year". I posted and didn't think too much about it. I believe my email is posted in my bio.

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