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Anyone ever hunt the Alabama Black Belt?


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Dec 15, 2000
Aksai, Kazakhstan via Covington Louisiana
After not being able to find a mule deer hunt in december 18 - January 7, I decided to hunt the famous Alabama black belt. Although I have hunted the same black belt region that runs through Mississippi, I never saw the deer in That I am seeing taken in Alabama and west Georgia. Monsters!

I found an great outfit with some last minute cancels during the first week of the rut and took it.
I was just wondering if anyone here has ever hunted in this area and what should i expect to see.
This is an operation with 2 bucks and 3 does on a 4 day hunt. All bucks must be 8 or better with at least 15 inches inside.

From what I understand the pre rut and first part of the rut and most hunters see from 5 to 40 deer per day. They are 855 for 10 years on shootable bucks and everyone gets at least 2 does.

Any comments or advice/
You talking about that kung-fu dude Bubba Lee? OK sorry, but that was kinda asking for it. :D ;)
The place is called Pope - Locke and it is on the Alabama river in Dallas county.

I am not head hunting cause I sure dont need any more mounts (Count standing at 32 with an Oryx and Axis to pick up in Mississippi.

I just want to get out, relax and see deer, bag a few does for momma's freezer and maybe if Mr. bruiser comes along, well, i guess, I will light his arse up!

These folks have a pretty solid rep , references check out and after talking to the father and his son, they seem like down to earth folks.
Any more info?
The new moon will come right after the first and they say the rut has been strange, but over the last 7 seasons all the biggest bucks were taken either in the last week or December of first week of January. It was just fortunate that they had a last minute cancellation. (For me anyway! They were fully booked 3 months ago, and they e-mailed me to tell me about the opening.
They say everyone likes to hunt mid January when the rut in most areas is in full swing. However, their return clients love the last and first weeks in the year.
Sound about right as this is pre rut and the scrape lines and movemnt will or should be high. Also the no worries about the moon. Just hope for some cold days to snap the rut early.

Come on back with any info or ideas on other areas for future reference.
Thanks JB,
Whatever you hear, be it good or bad send me an e-mail to the house.

Where in Florida are you? I will hit jacksonville on the 18th and head over to Mississippi on the afternoon of the 25th, Hunt the farm the morning of the 26th,Pick up my mounts and head over to hunt that place until the afternoon of the 31st, head to my other place in savannah to do the New years on the river thing and then try to rid a few hogs off my back poarch for the man who takes care of my yard and then back to Jacksonville and try to catch a fish or two before coming back here on the 8th.

I think this will be just like my may hunt in Misouri. jacksonville to Mississippi, to misouri to Mississippi to S. Carolina to savannah return to jacksonville, get on the plane for the 29 hour flight back.
Damn, I will be glad to get back state side. After 7 years these vacations are wearing me out :D
Sorry Thumper,
No news till next week.

I'm from Pensacola and Just moved over to Gulf Shores, Alabama. The farm we have is a few minutes from Camden AL in Wilcox county.
You are hunting about 40 miles north of us.

Sounds like youre going to squeeze every drop out of your trip....Don't forget to save a minute for a beer or six ;)
Thumper.....I have hunted this preserve while at the War College in Montgomery. It is west of Montgomery, and I think south of Selma.....anyways, it is only about an hours drive from Montgomery. As is the fact in all of the Alabama Black Belt counties, because of the thick rich soil and nutrients, you will find both big-bodied (for the South) and big antlered deer. The Pope-Locke hunting preserve is located in an old ox-bow of the Alabama and their feeding program just adds to the size of the deer. You won't have any trouble putting venison on the table. There used to be a couple of very fine meat processors in Selma, you just have to be careful they don't use 'possum suet instead of beef. You won't need luck, just a steady eye.....take your beanfield rifle!
Unfortunatly, Yes i have been stuck hunting the Alabama Black Belt. If your looking for a half way decent buck you might want to go somewhere else. The average size deer you see each year is a small 3 x 3 with about a 10 inch spread. Although i have killed a few nice ones here, there arent many, and dont come easy. I have been to some top dollar hunting clubs down here with my boss and saw several big bucks, couldnt get a decent shot on any of them, but oh well i'll be going again this year before i pack it back up and head out west. If I were you i would put the cash away and try to get a hunt in pike county, IL, Kansas, or north of the border. The average buck wieghs around 140 pounds, but thats average of what i have seen and killed. I have got one that wieghed 215 pounds and it was a very nice 4 x 4. Its not worth the money if you ask me.
later, MM
Thanks for the advise. I think you know what I can expect from this trip. Never set my sights too high and I figure if I want a B&C buck, I should hafve left 2 months ago to Alberta.
Just figure I would try it out. Hell, if I
wanted to have some real fun, I would head back to Wyoming for a late season cat hunt in the guts of hell next to the asshole of Wyoming, " Rawlings"

I always have a good time, meeting new folks and huntin new places. I figure I will see what Bama has in store and report later.
Got to figure how to post the pictures. but if not on this site, I will put them on mine.

Hell, I would rather be chasing lions, but this season, I got to see how ol' Ears is tree'in with the rest of da pack.
Cuz'n Thump

Still headed to Bama!
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