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There was a spot that hauted me for years. I always reffered to it as spooky woods. For some reason this little section just gave me the willies. It still bothers me a little bit, but nothing like it used to. Been going through it since 1990.
What annoys me about being in the woods after dark are the girlie screams I hear from the guy running back to camp. Oh well at least I have coffee on by the time the others show up.
YEah I get uneasy also.

Mainly when some prick sneaks up behind ya and goes Boo,
Happened along long time ago, good thing I was bow hunting cause if I had a firearm he would have been dead.
Although I have never hunted elk I have been in the woods in the dark a few times.(couple times without any flashlight).

I was once very wary about it and still a bit uneasy while alone. But when I take my boys I am fine.
You know, I have felt a little EEEry in the dark in the past, but I hunt that way alot now and do it every year. Last Weekend I Ran up late Afternoon Sat and pitched a Tent about 2 miles up a mountain away from everything for a sunday hunt.... I was Solo but fell asleep prety good after the Long hike up !!! I think that is the key....

I haven't felt scared really though since last year being in Alaska and having grizz's go right through camp and not bothering us. I felt if They will not bother us, there isn't much here in the Lower 48 that will.

I do get a Little uneasy in the Fog though. I've missed my ridge one too many times to be too sure I'm going in the right direction. Sure, I own 2 GPS's but I save the weight of those by carrying my Camcorder, Camera, bino's, Etc .. etc... ;)

The only thing that bothers me is when a guy has to pack meat in the dark and the cats are a little thick. The smell of elk on my back in the middle of the night doesn't really bother me, it's the fact that it would be one heck of a way to loose ones virginity.
Back in IN it didn't bother me much at all as I wasn't very far from a road or the truck. Here I'm still abit worried about getting lost, not so much about critters.
It bothered me until GPS came affordable. I am not afraid of the dark, just getting lost in it.
When i elk hunt i am never at camp until well after dark. A guy misses out on the best hunting if you try to be at camp before night fall.
I sometimes will head to camp early the first night just to get a sense of the land and how it lays out so getting back has no pitfalls (literally)
I guess if the good Lord thinks your time is up then aint nothing stopping you from becoming worm food.

I too am more afraid of getting lost than the critters. But more concerned about the cats than bears since you will never know they are there until they hit you.

Leaving in 3 hours. Wish me luck.
Depends on where I'm at... The most uncomforatable (scared) I've been was walking down the trail in an area that had a bunch of grizz turds lying around... :eek: My flashlite wasn't strong enough that night, and a bow and arrow isn't much defence...
Last year I hunted till dark and then spent almost two hours getting back to the truck. Good old GPS and MiniMag. We have a lot of big cats in NM and I was freaked out about that. I just kept checking behind me, and yes I was happy to get to the truck.

MARVB said it best “it's not the's what IN the dark”.

I plan on doing it again. I just keep thinking about that trail cam photo that showed that mountain lion within 8 feet of the doe. I’m sure her hearing is better than mine.
The only time the dark part really bothers me is when hunting in grizzly country. Have a REAL healthy respect for those critters and have USUALLY waited until I can see a bit before heading out. Don't want to accidently run into one during the day and DEFINITELY not in the dark!