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Anybody want to hunt AK?

Erik in AK

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Mar 28, 2002
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I would like to extend an invitation to any one or two fellow Hunt Talk members to hunt coastal blackies in eastern Prince William Sound this spring.

Dates are not firm but the hunt will be around May 10th for up to 6 days.

The hunt will be a drop-off by boat. Tent camping near the beach and glass/spot stalking the surrounding hills. Its likely we'll see bears along the shore but be prepared to hike the hills. These bears are not the beasts of Prince of Wales Island but honest 7 footers are fairly common.

Your costs besides airfare would be:
$85 Non-Res license
$225 Non-Res bear tag
$75 Food/supplies
$40 one nights stay in Valdez
You'll fly to Fairbanks. May 10th is a monday so plan on arriving Sat the 8th. This gives you a day or two to check your zero and get your license/tag and any last minute stuff.

Valdez is a 6 hour drive so we'll head down the day before going out.

You'll bring your personal stuff and I have all the camp stuff already.

Bring good, already broken-in boots, good glass and quality rain gear. May weather is usually good but it could turn to crappola.

If you're serious email me: [email protected]

Man, thats sounds like a great opportunity Eric. I would love to try this trip, but I can't do it this year because I am headed to Canada later in the month to chase bears.

I have friends in Valdez and would love to get back up there and hunt some coastal bears. Is this a hunt you do every year? If so, I would love to plan something for 2005.

Hopefully I haven't blown a shot at a very affordable Alaska hunt.
Well, since I'm up here until its time to take the tundra-nap...whatever year works for you works for me.

I'm going this year for sure. It will be my first PWS bear hunt and if I go alone thats OK, but I do like to share a camp.

I've only ever met Moosie in person but I've been on HT long enough to feel comfortable extending such an invitation to any of you guys.

If somebody can make it up, great.
Erik, I've been slacking in this Forum And missed this. I'm not sure what holds in the Future but Unfortunately this year will be a no go for me.

... So.. whats the cost of the Boat ? Is it a friend or something dropping ya off ? What does the Terrain look like ? Do you have any pictures ? You say "Up to 6 days" are you doing a hunt for 6 days untill you/we smoke our bears ? how would the Boat person know when to pick us up.

Erik, If it looks like something you'd do next year, I might be up for it... Rumor has it I'll be back that way next year in the Fall for... Well, Thats still a Secret so I can't post anything yet ;) But I'll have a tag and License regardess.....
I would like to join ya but I'm hunting bear out of tok starting around may 6th. PWS is a nice place for bear, sounds like a hell of a hunt. Good luck.

I(we) get dropped off for free as payment for hauling the boat to Valdez AK. Sattelite phone covers emergencies and early pick up.

The terrain is tidal flats backed by steep hills. The cover ranges from semi-open to black timber.
My plan is to catch bears working the flats for new grass and tide goodies but I'm willing to climb for a good bear. If after the first couple of days no bears show on the beach then I'll work the hills.

I've never been there before. The pics I have are of other areas of PWS.
I didn't read anything about you planning to have a raft along. I've tried to hunt PWS for blackies before without a raft, it's very frustrating. Rent a small inflatable, if necessary. Those beaches can be wicked to walk on, and you can cover a lot more ground (quietly and safely) with a raft. Also, for whatever reason, many of the bears do not recognize danger from the water. You can float quietly and measure them via good binocs at your leisure as they search for grub in the intertidal zone and grass flats.

Sounds like you have a great trip planned, Erik.

Good plan...I like taking a small shrimp pot and flinging it out during the daytime. It's fun to pull the pot and bbq shrimp with your steaks in the evening...

Good luck on the hunt..

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