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Any one shooting targets ?


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Dec 11, 2000
Looks like its time to get the bow out.I havent touched it sence I got my elk in sept.,we just joined one of the archery clubs so we can shoot the indoor range till it warms back up and the outdoor 3-D shoots start.
Does anyone else shoot targets to keep in pratice? And no the cats down the street dont count
:D :D
I've been heading to SLC alot lately to shoot at an indoor range to get ready for my hunt in AZ with Delw later this month. I just love archery!! Didn't get to do any this fall so its nice to get back into it. You'll have to keep me posted on the 3D's this spring, I'll come up and shoot with you guys(if you don't mind me inviting myself :D ). I'm not that good, but think ther are a ball. I haven't been to one since I was in high school :(
1Pointer, you bet you can come over and shoot with us,that would be a blast.
I will let you know the ones we are going to this year as soon as the list comes out.
Maybe we can get moosie to show up and shoot .
Does your wife shoot?
She has a bow, but it doesn't get used that much. I bet if I prodded(hehehe) her a little I could get her to come. She loves to shoot, but just gets embarrased because she says she's not that good. It'd be fun, just let us know when.
1Pointer,I know just how your wife feels.
But tell her none of us are what you call good LOL
The ones we shoot with all shoot there hunting set ups and we do it to tune up for hunting.
Its all for fun and if she doesnt want to shoot she can still walk the course and have fun watching us shoot bad.
:D :D
DS, I got bought a High Country Lite Force .
My arms are so long LOL I had to find me a ladys/kids Bow .
So far so good,I had them set it up for hunting and thats what I shoot at the 3-Ds.
I didnt want to go with just a target set up,as the main reason for the bow is hunting.
Steve is shooting a Mathews.
I need to get it out and get it tuned back in for targets,I havent picked it up sense elk season.
So which Mathews is Steve Shooting?.....and does he like it?

I have never shot 3-D.....except in the yard ;) but probably will this year.
DS, Steve bought the MQ1 it was the longest one axel to axel he could find in town (he shoots fingers)and he really likes it.
He went to the range today and came back with another robin hooded arrow .
:eek: :eek: I think he really does it by hand ;)
The 3-D shoots are fun ,it lets us get out walking around & spending money ,we like to keep the outdoor shops in business.You know lost & bent arrows :D :D
So Steve gave it the old Hand-job huh? :eek:

The courses here are outrageous for member ship, and it's members only, so I may just take my 3-D target and build me a course outback :D ........set it up, then build 5 or 6 platforms on all different sides of it...........so as I sneak from station to station.......I'll be shooting the same target, but from a different angle

.......that would be called a "Coonass' 3-D Course" :D
I found out that one of the guys in my wife's Clogging classes is into archery hunting, and he turned me on to a place to go..."High Tech Archery" in Stanton...not too far from where I live. So maybe I'll finally have a chance to get into bow hunting. He uses a Matthews bow, but I don't recall which one. He did say that he got skunked in Colorado this year, but they got 5 for 5 last year, plus a couple of cows elsewhere.
This way, I can get some "expert" advice from the archery place on which bow to get, size, etc. because I'm totally in the dark about it....like most everything else, I guess! ;)
DS ,it doesnt matter what you shoot as long as your getting in some practice.
Calif hunter------I lived in Stanton,seems like a life time ago.
Im still have a LOT to learn in the bow dept. but they sure are fun and its something the whole family has gotten into.
Cali.......I would recommend one of the bows from PSE or similiar competitor if your just starting out...........you can buy a nice bow for $300-$400 that will do what you want it to. The Mathews bow you were saying the other guy was shooting ran him $1000+ rigged out with nice accessories.
You would be wise to buy a bow for a lessor investment until you get the feel and see if it's even something you will like to pursue.

The biggest advantages where hunting is concerned are the early seasons which usually mean less pressure and the bugle with elk.........the main dis-advantage is once your there, you have to figure out how to get that "stick" through your critters chest! ;)

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