Any luck with the Early Seasons????


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Jul 7, 2001
Austin, Tx
Anyone having any luck with the early season's????

We've been once down on the coast but the birds weren't flying.... A couple of my buddies out in West Texas (San Angelo) apparently are slaying the greenwings!!!!!! Sounds like I should have headed West instead of South!!!!!!!

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Ive noticed alot of ducks on the lakes while fishing in the last few trips(more than normal). but duck hunting in 100+ degree weather just dont feel like duck hunting.. however next week its supose to be in the low 80s..

Didn't get much of a waterfowl season up here. To busy moose hunting then a cold front moved in on Monday and the ponds all froze. Hope to make up for it at the end of the month in North Dakota.

P.S. 80 degrees??? Our thermometers don't go that high, but they do go that low (with wind chill).
Minnesota's season opened at noon on Saturday the 29th of September. Got one teal that afternoon and two teal Sunday morning. Missed an easy shot (twice) on a greenhead Sunday. Haven't had a chance to get out since then, but will head out for the pheasant opener tomorrow!

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The wood ducks were flying here this year. Between three of us we shot fifteen wooducks and two mallards. It was a 180 degreee turn around form last year.

We have a lot of woodies down here also right now. I live on a constant level lake that is 58 degrees year round and full of goodies for them to eat.... Guess there's a bunch of them that just don't like to fly that far North for the summer when they can keep their bellies cool right here. We're leaving for the mountains in 6 days so the waterfowling's on hold til we get back......

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I have never seen the ducking this good. On Sun the 14 we shot twenty ducks between four of us. mallards wooducks, teals, widgeons, gadwalls it was unbelieveable. Last year was the worst that I have seen it, i'm glad it is not like that again. (knock on wood) it i sstill a little early to tell
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