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Jul 25, 2001
Great Falls, MT
I hate applying for tags and having to wait for several months or longer to find out the results. By the time I either draw or get rejected, I forgot that I even applied. What the hell is with that? In Wyoming you only have to wait for about a month before you know the results. In Montana, they tell us the results of special elk, deer, and lope a few weeks before archery season starts. That gives a lot of time to prepare if you draw in a special area. I'm sure there is a good reason for this wait. Anybody know?
If it wasnt' for the MT draw system, you'd just be burning all your PTO on trips to East Laurel during the summer and spending all that special permit application money on sniffer's row. Consider yourself lucky. The state is looking out for people like you.
You guy's are to funny..
I think it is to keep the hard core people, such as yourselves from hitting the hills in the draw area for months learning every thing possible, so as to score big..It just wouldn't be "fair" to those that are locked into an office and only get out the weekends of the season....LOL!!! :D :D :D
Here in Washington our permit apps have to be in by today the 23rd of June and the drawing is in the middle of August.You are correct in that they dont give ya much time for scouting.
Kraven, the regs say if you havent recieved anything in the mail by august 3rd to get on the line with fish and game, they must be moving it up with this new WILD system, didnt we find out end of july last year.
Good luck to all us all, especially us Washington yahoos on the draws.


Get ready for me to buy you the full meal
deal at Whistling Jacks on a pre hunt scout
trip. I'm feeling lucky! :D
Owl, sounds good and same to you if i draw that corral pass goat tag, except i dont feel lucky on that one. Come on MULIE tag.
Well hopefully about 1 month to go to find out the results of the draw.Good luck to you Washington guys.I just hope I draw something this year.

There only afew Washington boys on this site,
so we must have minority status. Heck, the
draw Gods ought to feel sorry for us being
we're in one of the poorer Western states
for big game hunting! :D Good luck and think
positive. You need to go from counting
sheep at night to bull elk. ;)
Heck Owl the only tag that Im really excited about drawing is the Mtn Goat,thats all I think about.But that is pretty slim odds for drawing beings its the first time I put in for it.Although drawing a bull tag in the Umtanum would be great,as long as I see something this time.
Its a shame we dont get points for the Moose and Bighorn Sheep draws. ;) Counting Sheep aint bad though as long as they are Bighorns ;)

You do build points for moose, sheep and goats. They just don't square the number
each year like they do for deer and elk.
If the goat permit numbers continue to fall,
I wonder how long the dept will continue to
have a hunt. Thats kinda sad. :(
I just reread about the point sysyem I misunderstood it at first. :rolleyes:
Yes it is sad about the numbers declining.We are still seeing quite a few up on Whitechuck Mtn.We go there for deer season occassionally.
Thanks for the clarification on the permits
I think he really meant to get the results back from the VD clinic.... He knows that his private area itches allthe time. But just doesn't know what deseise he has.....

Don't worry the results will come out soon ;)
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