Another Tennessee DINK...


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Nov 21, 2001
Here he is....and notice the 4-wheeler in the back ground :D


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Hey Flipper, if you wait until they grow at least two points it makes the drag out a lot easier! ;)

But with that awesome machine in the background, I guess that doesn't matter.

Seriously, congrats on the buck!

I see the gloves. Did we keep our hands out of eyes this time?
Nice animal! His mommy should make him wash his nose more often, though.
I got up this morning and it was raining, so I was thinking about not going. I turned on the weather and it looked like it would be very light and not last long.

So I loaded up the truck and started my long journey down I-75 to my hunting took 22 minutes :D I got to my parking place, got all my crap together and slammed the door, looked in front of the truck and there is a runs off.

I started up the pipeline R.O.W and look up ahead, thinking, that looks like a too ran off. I get up to the fence and check out one of my food plots...nothing. So I start walking along the fence, turn the corner and there is another too runs off. I continue on my way to check a big field for any signs of life....nothing. So I start back towards the food plot. When I get to the corner of the fence...there is a pretty nice buck standing at the edge of the food plot, he also see's me at the same time, so I throw up the rifle, get him in the scope, flip the safety off....BOOM he runs off :confused: it is then I notice the tree/bush between me and where he was standing :rolleyes:

So I venture over to where he was hair, only tracks. OMG...I have missed :eek:

So to be sure I did miss, I followed his tracks...nothing.

Then to my right a deer blows and starts running. He was about 80 yards in standing timber and some of the thickest crap you ever saw...I threw up my rifle, pushed the safety off again, got on him....BOOM he makes it about 15 or 20 yards and piles up.

Its kinda in the food plot = running in trees and under growth = dead.

But there is more meat for the freezer :D

BTW...all of this took place in 35 minutes

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Darren...I also wore plastic gloves up to my shoulders and on top of those surgical gloves while field dressing him :D :D
No Elkhunter...the golf course is where I took MEATHEAD's ATV back to and that is where he took the pics.

There isn't alot of deer on the golf course...if there were, we would whackem' :D :D
Flippers in "SLAY UM'" MODE... DAM !! HAve to love the hat and Decal !!!! :D :D

Is there any deer left on the east coast bud ?!?!?
Of course there are some left....I still got 5 more tags :D :D :D

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Well then we expect to see 5 more deer, and I am sure we will. Good going FLIPPER.

BTW, out golf cource next door has deer, elk, moose, buffalo and bear on it. Just can't hunt on it.
Maybe on the night of a full moon with a bow Bill....It would have to be when there was no snow, it would be te easy to follow the trail then. I wonder what they would do when they came out and there were gut piles on the course..LOL.. :D