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Another great hunt 2002 (Frank Church)


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May 1, 2001
The Beach, Elevation 12' @ low tide
Greetings all...

Just back in last night from a long trip out to Idaho...a week in the back country in the Frank Church. I ask myself again Why I go to the roughest god forsaken country on earth to hunt elk? How did it go? Incredibly well. The bulls were very vocal...on opening morning was able to call in a beautiful 5x5 and the new fellow was too excited to shoot hour of calling...and even got him to ignore the cow that started barking...but none the less...he missed. Bull bugled back at him twice and let him know that he didn't appreciate being shot at. That evening...saw a nice 6x6 on the trail...with a few cows. However...I was enjoying the hike and forgot to load the rifle. Looks like I'm off to a good start. count...we did well for a party of 4....brought down 3 bulls and a bear...and the 4th passed on a couple of shots. I'll post a pic of my bull in a couple of days...after I drop the film off. Wishing everyone else the same success and nothing but the best of luck.
Congratulations, Roadtrip! Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! Looking forward to the pictures and detailed storys!

Congrats on a successfull hunt. Someday, if I ever have the time and/or money I'd love to spend a bunch of time like that in a wilderness area chasing elk!!!!
R.T. CONGRATS Again this year !!! DANG, MAYBE I should hunt Idaho with you

WAITING daily for the pics bro !!!!
Sounds like you guy's had a great trip and it also turned out very succesful...Congrats!!!! :D :D :D
Good on ya, young man. Sounds like you had an excellent trip. Looking forward to the pictures.