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Jason Lee is definitely in.....that's great.
The time I stated to get to the haul road from Anchorage was incorrect. It does take the 8 hours from Anchorage to Fairbanks...then another 8 to 10 depending on how far north the herd is......determined by the time we choose to go. So that makes 16 to 18 hours of driving after we hit the ground.....can be done..but I have our guy researching renting the equipment from Fairbanks and flying in there.......may cost a $100 extra but would cut the drive time in half.....opinions????????

Cali....another option is to rent your own friggin truck......then you can jack off in private each smelley fellas to deal with:rolleyes:......or, we can bring along a couple of bivys......don't really take up space under the plane.....and would allow for spiking outside of the camper for those that need space;)

So we have me, Indy,Moosie, Cali, Jason.......and haven't heard from Buzz or Anaconda it's a hard 5 or a soft 7...sounds like craps.....or is that crap?:eek:

Oh.....and the success rate is in the 90% range on two even we can't phuck this up:cool:

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 08-08-2002 23:13: Message edited by: Deerslayer ]</font> with Miss Cali's concerns about overcrowding and sweaty fellas :rolleyes: ......maybe 3 to a rig is better than that makes it a 6 man hunt.

I'm in, Indy, Cali, Moosie, Jason makes 5...and Anaconda and Buzz will either make 6 or 7......which we'll make work, but if they don't go, the the cap should be 6....after all, this IS a scouting party for the big bonanza the next year, right? :D
DS.... if we end up with six, we ought to rent two campers. That makes it only $140 p/man, p/camper. Pretty reasonable. I'll be in the masturbators' camper, that's fine. Just don't bother me while I'm concentrating.

I too am glad Jason is in.... now I have a travelling partner. SOunds like things are shaping up...

Can we get the same camper rental deal in Fairbanks if we fly up there? I, personally, wouldn't mind the drive.
"Miss Cali"??? Are you saying you think I'm purty, DS? If so, I definitely want my own camper! :eek: A whole lot of 'bou just might give me a woody, all right!

I wouldn't mind the drive, either, if it's scenic. 8 hours of tundra mught be boring, though. If the drive is nothing special, scenery-wise, then I'd rather spend the time on the ground hunting. Since this might be my first bow hunt, I may end up having to stab one with an arrow - wouldn't that be great video footage? An overweight 50-year old chasing down a caribou and trying to stab it. ;)
Won't be no chasing them down, Cali.......but you will get into bow range easy enough. My brother said they got repeated opportunities between 50 and 30 yards each time they have gone. He did say judging distance is a bitch and a rngefinder is a handy tool in that terrain. A patient archer will have no trouble sitting tight in a good spot and waiting for an ambush opportunity........or for the more adveturous....there is some terrain change and stalks are do-able as well.
Indy....I'm checking on the Fairbanks gets tricky though...some of those places have restriction how far up the Haul Road you can take the rental, so they put mileage peramiters on you.....they don't like their rigs taking the abuse up there. But there are places affordable without the restrictions.....we're checcking on it.

We have a good deal now...just checking all options trying to improve on it.....
Just heard back from Buzz.......he is already locked in for next year, doing a fly-in for trophy carribou with a that gives us the 6 if Anaconda decides to go.
Do you or your brother have any photos of the area, so we can plan or see what camo might work best? Of course, if we wait for snow, even a Cali boy can figure that out. ;)
It's mostly flat-ish tundra like terrain Cali. There are some terrain changes but they are mostly slight. If you've ever seen tunndra pix then your close......but after he gets back from the hike he is on now I will try and get some pix of the stuff. I will go out on a limb here and say treebark camo ain't it ;) ...really though.....any camo that is broken up well should do......and if we go with the snow....well, like you said, you can figure that one out ;)
One thing to remember about hunting the corridor. By Law you have to have your bowhunters certifcate number written in permanent ink on every arrow in possesion.

Also do us a favor and buy a wolf tag. its only $30 and who knows you might get a lucky chance to pop one.
Plan on something like this.


I screwed that scan up (its size).

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 08-09-2002 15:13: Message edited by: lilbiggun ]</font>
Thanks lilbiggun.......but where are the Bou!!! ;)

There are places where it is flat as hell amd others where you can run a ridge for mile...which is how you would want to go if you went out past the corridor.

The fly in hunt would cost double, but you could get dropped of deep in without any human pressue to contend with, where as the corridor hunt is sure to have other folks in the area, but the later we go, say sept-October the less pressure. Either way, the bou migrate and a fresh supply comes along daily ideally.......but it ain't a fly in, it;s a lot of work, ......but it's half the cost and there's plenty of room and usually plenty of bou, and the trophy potential may be coming just over the next rise ;)

DS, WHEN do I have to be "INKED-IN"...

I know I'm in pencil right now, But I need to know my "CUT-OFF" for that :D :D
Beautiful animal buddy!....and there is some of that flatter country I was describing. I have been up there a couple of times but not to hunt it...just passing trough. that another hunter on the much pressure from other hunters did you guys see and what month were you there? cut off on this one.....I am going either way. No fees due upfront so you can tell me the day before fly out you pussied out and I would be ok with it. I know me and Indy and Jason will be there for sure......if you and Cali pony up that would be awsome.....and Dan maybe as well, haven'y heard from him. But we have three for sure, no doubt, absolutely, hell or high water, commitments...and that is enough to plan the hunt around.....everything else is just gravy ;)
How much we talking about boys??I am buying a bow this weekend from my uncles buddy for CHEAP.Just curious is all on the price tag of the hunt.
Kraven......the details are close to the end of the Alaksa 2004 hunt thread.....pretty long so I won't copy but rather make you go back and read it ;)

We do still have room because we are going 3 to a unit...and Me, Indy and Jason are DEFINITELY going......and Cali and Moosie might be going and Dan opted out of this one so there is still a spot.....that is unless Cali don't like the way you smell! :D
Actually thats a tree about a mile away. We went in the middle of sept. It was just a last minute weekend hunt. Didnt see a soul except for the 2 pilots in the cubs that flew us out. We each got a couple for the freezer and that was what we were after.

My buddy just got back from the haul road with his boy. He wasnt hunting as he was trying to get his son his first kill with a bow. He had to yell at a bull so it wouldnt step on them. The herd was thick. His son didnt get one but they seen alot of bou.

If you guys and gals can afford the trip and the time off, I would definitly recommend this hunt.

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