Afton/Alpine WY last minute camping suggestions


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Apr 6, 2013
Western Colorado
Just got the clearance from the wife, I am going to make a sudden unplanned trip through western wy this week. I start a new job Monday and I suddenly dawned on me that I haven't done anything cool this summer, and no real tags I have drawn to go anywhere this fall. So off I go. I'm looking to camp some where not to far out there in the Afton/Alpine area for a night or two and could use some help if anyone has any suggestions.

my travel plan is SLC area tonight, Alpine/Afton tomorrow, Yellowstone on Friday, Cody on Saturday. I would love to hear any suggestions on stuff to go see.



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Sep 26, 2017
Yes, the intermittent spring up Swift Creek is cool and a super easy hike. If you are camping, Greys River is ideal cause closer to Snake River canyon and decent fishing. Hoppers are out right now. There are some log cabins in Thayne that are great too. I think it’s called Cabin Creek Inn. Red Baron and the seafood shop are both good in Afton. Good hospitality and even better people there.

In SLC Temple Square is good and the natural history museum has a Yellowstone exhibit going on.