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Adventures With Wylee and Moosie....

Well have fun and get a deer then.
If you check this before you go back to Idaho give me a call. Jeff has my number. I'd like to buy you a beer. Take care
Rumor has it that a deer died in the Colorado mountains last night. ;)

Buuuaahah !!!!!!!

Oak... We left at 9PM from Frt Collins, Arived home 5 mins Ago, All safe and sound. A bit tiered being up 27 straight hours.

Stories, Vids and pictures later...

Roumor has it Small bucks taste good too... :(

Boman, missed the post, didn't have much time anyways, next time my friend !!
Moosie hurry with the story please. I'm flying out to SLC in the morning and won't be back until late Sunday. I'd really like to know how you guys did before I leave.

Call me, need to chat about the elk hunt.

Congrats to both of you! Can't wait to see what this "little" deer looks like!

Elk Turd
Elk Turd, he's just a tad bigger than a ziploc buck. ;)

Moosie, glad you guys made it home ok.
Oak: Too funny! Forgot about the "Ziploc Buck"

Last time Moosie said he got a small animal, an elk, he said it was a spikey. Well that "spikey" had 6 of them on each side!
Well It's no 6 point.. More like a Medium sized Raghorn ;)

Will have to wait for the Story. Inlaws are in town today, and Great Grandma and Brandpa came in from Montana (Right out of Sidney area Big Sky :D )

It's a <20" 4 point so Nothing to really brag about, And It tried comitting suicide by walking right into me ;) Story Tomorrow

ElkTurd, I'll be in the Office in the AM. Get to work today
Congrats Moosie, that can be a tough place to hunt if things don't go right. Glad the kamikazee deer found you.
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