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Dec 9, 2000
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ElkhntrinMD made me wonder this:
How many bucks did you pass up this season?

I left 3 that should be P&Y contenders for this Fall and 14 that were just puppies
I passed up around 15 bucks in South Dakota. One was decent, but the rest were pretty small.

In Montana I shot a buck that was with five or six others opening morning. Guess that doesn't count as passing up any, but they were opportunities.

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I passed on a 3x3 here in California only because he was running with a 4x3 that I ended up getting.

In Idaho I passed on a lot more. I passed on a little 3x2 that was only about 10" wide. I also passed on a 3x3 that was about 15" wide. Passed on two 4x4's that I didn't feel comfortable shooting at because of the distance and because it was just about dark. I also passed on a lot or forkies and spikes.

Total I would say I passed on between 12 and 15 bucks this year.
In two days of hunting I saw only 10 deer: 5 does and 5 bucks. I passed on two small 3x3's, missed a gimme shot at a 3x4, and passed on a big 3x3 that gave me no good shot(running). I killed the 5th buck, a 4x4.

I wish I could say I passed up a lot more but the number was only about 10. I was in a great unit known for quality bucks. My problem was limited time. After the first two days of passing, I decided to take the next 4x4 that presented an opportunity. Descent buck but only 23" wide.


But I can say that I passed on a 340 inch bull! Only because I couldn't get a shot off at 20 yards!!!!!! Lucky SOB.
Gun season i passed up 7. Bow season i dont remember how many were actually in bow range, but there were a few i saw that were for sure in gun range.
do misses count as a pass up?
My 15 year old daughter passed up a wide racked 3 X 3 muley. But she held a antlerless tag for South Dakota's Youth Deer Season. It was the ethical thing to do. I'm proud that she resisted the strong temptation to squeeze the trigger.

Of course, I mentioned that if she fired I would be collecting a sizeable reward for turning her in. So she quietly said, "bang you're dead" and we cont'd our hunt for a big barren doe. It took several outings to locate this quest, but she did so with her conscious intact.
I don't know, that TIP's money would have been nice.
Seriously, congrats to your daughter. I am sure you were proud. Did she shoot her deer in the Hills?
Yes, she dropped a big bodied muley with a neck shot at approx. 175 yards. Weight of this muley was approx. 185 - 225 lbs. Hard to say. Hunt location was less than 5 miles west of Rapid in the Hills.

For those interested in such things: The rifle used is a Remington .243 and she used a single 80 gr. Sierra Pro Hunter bullet. Damage to the vertabrae and tissue was extensive. This little bullet was located balled up under the hide. Recovered weight is 64 grains.
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