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raybow 1

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Dec 19, 2000
bellingham- washington
Here are some of the elk I have taken over the years. Let's get a little bone showing here!




montana---1999--yep one of my favorite pics--too bad the quality sucks--

Raybow1--your pile of bones is pretty frickin' impressive--

come on guys show us some more
Raybow........you obviously had to take most of those bulls near the road judging from how big they were, right?!?!!........no way they grow that big in the backcountry......
I'll tell ya I could only wish for that to be the case. When you pack a bull for three days you know you have done a litte work. It's been real nice not taking one of those herfords the last few years (Roosevelts). It's no joke when I say most of the monster bulls on the penninsula reside in the wilderness or park areas. I have personally tracked a few of em over ten miles trying to catch up (picking their tracks up coming out of the wilderness or parks) but when they decide to leave those areas they know exactly where they are going and don't stop till they get there. And vise versa-after breeding season head right back to where they came from and again don't stop till they get there. I tell ya, the last thing I ever do is tell people where I get em. I made that mistake a few times when I was young. It looked like I was hunting Interstate-5 the next year.

Thats an awesome sets of racks. I spent the last 3 days of the archery elk season in the Quinault Valley with my 2 partners. I'm not a bow hunter, but I like the to see the action. We had a got on to a HUGE 6x7 with 42 cows, but there was way too many eyes to get close, and when you did get close, you were standing on the friggen park line.
Oh well, it was a good hunt. I have 8 bonus points saved for the one of the 5 tags in Oct. I've been on the permit hunt with other friends 3 out of the last 5 years and have seen some dandys come out of that valley, not to mention a few book animals. If I ever shoot 1 big elk, I want it to be a rosy. Theres nothing more beautiful then a mature rosy bull!!!!
it still looks the same from the first time I took the pics--'cept for two caribou opposite them---hopefully I'll get to add another to the wall from this year---chris
RAYBO.... I like how young you were in the first set's of pictures.... Especially your Pink shirt !!!!
smalls--right after I put my foot down can I come and move in with ya--gonna need a place to hang my hat til the waters settle-I'll bring the mounts--really though 8' ceilings and 6' elk mounts = not good--especially when there's 3 of em and 2 caribou and 5 deer, bobcat and a mess of horns, hides, etc....that would need to accompany them--nope here in my garage where my office is and I can see 'em everyday and reminisce(sp) works for now--but I do wish I had 25' clgs to show em off---chris
LOL Raybo,

HEre is my First Elk :


OHHHH these aren't the Above class.. But it ate well :ROLL EYES: I have a few others like that to my name. one I have pics in an album not scaned in and the other no pictures at all... I know, I'm a looser !!!! At any rate, Let's continue with the Boneage :






AND this is the Elk I'm killing this year.... JSUT wanted to post him in Advance *SMILE*