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3 pointer Hits the Ground....


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho





Busted this guy Friday 10-01. Fogged in heavy opening morning. Ended up sitting in the pickup until about 9am.
Was tired of sitting in the truck, so figured we'd get out in the fog/cold, and be miserable. Ended up breaking off about and hour or so after we had left the pickup. We were setup over looking a valley that we had found some smaller bucks in the prior day. And, planned on working around a basin that had a big aspen grove. Well, we had another guy come up the opposite side of the valley, as the stuff was clearing.
He never saw the 160 class 4x4, and 2 other 3x3's that were bedded right below him. He was moving in the direction of the aspens that we wanted to hunt, so we played a bit of chess w/ him as he made his way that direction. Got over to w/in a couple hundred yards of the aspen stand, and he just stood there. Wind was blowing right into the aspen stand opposite of the norm. The guy continued to just hang out, I guess waiting for one of us to push the trees. After a while, I finally told Kyle set up here, I'm going to go through to the other side. Not 2 seconds later all hell broke loose. 2 deer, both bucks I tell him. The last one is a shooter. After that I just went into a zone. They were 350 and making tracks. I threw down the bi-pod, got into position, threw up the bino's for one more quick look to confirm the back buck. Yep he's good enough. They stop at around 400. I tell Kyle, Ok take the shot when you're ready. Boom, WTF!!! The buck was slightly quatering away, mostly away though. Looks like the buck was hit, but not slowing, Boom, not on him first shot, Kyle shoots again, OK, he's crossing through the sage to my right, I put it in front of his nose.
Boom. He goes down! Have trouble feeding another round. Tell Kyle to not take his eyes off the deer, as it looked like a neck or high shoulder hit and he was trying to get his feet. I get the gun situated.
Kyle says the buck has dissapeared, I can't see him either, mean while the other buck is still hanging out in range. Although, I never took a look at him until a bit later as I was concerned about the one we had been shooting at. Welp, the other one skylines as he's heading out, the other guy takes 2 desperation shots off hand from probably 600 yards, not even coming close. I could see that he was a pretty nice 4x4, wider than this buck, but not as massive of bodied or tall. On looking back, I should've told Kyle that I was going to shoot the first buck, and shot first. We would've had both down no question. I just zoned in on the big 3x3, and that was it. The high rack, and 300 lbs on the hoof really caught the attention of my eyes. I tell Kyle to stay put, I'm going to go look for the buck. I get over to the area we last saw him, and there he is laying flat as a pancake in the sage w/ only his tips above the brush. You lil bastage. So, I break out the bipod, look up and he's belly crawling like a mo-fo, w/ his fronts. Boom, another one through the top of the back rolls him over. My dropping shot ended up hitting him at the top of the shoulder blades, high lung/spine. He wasn't going far. Great big ol' deer that was aged at 6+ by the biologist. Score doesn't really do him the justice he deserves. Havn't put a tape on him yet. 27" outside, and almost 20" on his G-2's. That's about it in a nutshell.

PS: Thanks for helping out a computer tardo, Moosie!
Nice 3-point...those G-2's are impressive looking. I assume you were in WY? (looks like a WY tag on his antler)

I have held the rack and can say its more impressive than the pictures show...although the pics are good. Congrats on yet another great deer Tman!
Great buck. Look like the one in eastmans that makes buck. A huge 3 point as well. That guy shot his in Mexico. Sounds like a great hunt also. Nice looking buck.
Nice 3 point for sure!

Hey Jerry, that Eastmans cover buck is a monster! The eyeguards and its main beams set it apart from Osoks!

Very nice buck though Osok, that back point is Scary Long! (is that g2 or g3?)
man, thats a great buck OSOK...That thing is a pig. I cant believe how tall that buck is. Congrats!

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