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‘23 Iowa whitetail

Well…we had a good day yesterday. A lot of deer were harvested. I think we have around 10 bucks and at least that many does.

One of my kids is still sick.

Last nights adventures included pulling the toilet in the basement because it was plugged.

I’ve been failing you guys on the pictures! I’m sorry.
I see a very tasty little skipper in there hanging!
I shot that one! I had 2 does bolt down the hill and that one was standing all alone on top of the hill still! Fatal mistake! It will not be in the sausage pile, but whole front shoulders, steaks, shanks! It’s going to be tender! We ate the heart and tenderloins last night!
I see a whole lot of work coming up!
Wednesday myself and the 5 others that pool our meat and resources together to make sausage later in Winter will skin and debone 7 of these deer. We will package the loins and shanks now for the freezer and divide those equally among us. The rest will be ground and frozen for the sausage. If someone has a deer they want steaks or roasts from they are responsible for that deer.
Because I don't know better.. are guys shooting any buck that runs by?
There are no rules. Some guys will hold out for a bigger buck, some guys will shoot anything that comes by. One thing about doing drives like we do is the deer are very rarely running, but they are usually aware of people and you don’t have very long to study them to see if it’s a “shooter”. The width of the rack compared to the ears is a good judge. If the rack is as wide or wider than the ears it’s probably a shooter. Of the deer hanging drivers accounted for at least 4 of the bucks. Being a stander is no guarantee that you will be the shooter. If you’ve ever heard Doug Duren talk about and describe “Mooching” that slow deliberate speed is how driving is. It should take an hour or more to cover a mile.