‘23 Iowa whitetail

I finally got the urge to go out muzzleloader hunting. The 50 degrees and foggy rain have had me bummed. Christmas Eve when we got home from church around 6:30 pm there was 2 nice bucks I could see in the headlights, but of course that doesn’t do me any good. I don’t hunt on Christmas Day, but of course there is like 12 deer out feeding that I can see before dark. so on Tuesday I got a blind set up in a spot where I thought those deer might come out again. My 4 year old was waffling back and forth if he was going to go and finally decided he’d stay home to keep playing with his new toys. So, I decided to go to a different spot that’s harder to get to, but usually has a nice buck hanging out this time of year. After I get dressed and head out the door I’m pulling out of the driveway and my 4 year old is on the porch screaming. He wants to go now! He gets dressed and we can see the blind we are going to from the house. There is already a doe in the field, but it’s early. We used the topography to get the blind and the deer is still feeding in the field. We sit there until dark and only more deer comes out.

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