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Jan 31, 2014
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Well here we go! I got all the petrified butt goo off of my buttout tool, I put new blades on my Havalon, and I bought a few boxes of 20 gauge pumpkin balls which are getting harder to find! The weather is looking great for the first gun season of the deer year with highs in the upper 30s and lows near 20 every night. I bought a case of spotted cow last night and still have some cherry schnapps from last year. My wife has been on me to get the garage cleaned and fix the toilet that will surely be clogged multiple times! Our shotgun deer season starts on Saturday! It seems that we may have a record number of hunters this year, at least compared to recent years. I have to admit, I’m not as excited as in years passed for various reasons, but nonetheless cheap beer will be drank, lots of food will be ate, and everyone will have a good time. Safety is the #1 concern and with such a big group communication is key! If you want to follow along that’s be great. Our group likes to do 3-4 deer drives everyday. We are on a mix of private and public land, everyone usually gets a deer or 2. Some members hold out for a big buck and others don’t care. I will be looking to fill a couple of doe tags during this season and will hold onto my buck tag until late muzzleloader season which runs until January 10.

A deer from earlier in the year that is still roaming the woods.

They say a buck always looks bigger headed away from you, but that's a nice one in any direction.
I had him at 27 yards. He was definitely more impressive from behind. My 2 kids were in the blind with me. I probably should have taken a chance at him but I had grandiose ideas of hunting everyday and booners behind every corner.
Iowa public land deer drives? Bring your kevlar and body armor.
Thanks for your interest. It usually takes at least an hour for this thread to be derailed. We had good conversation in the ‘22 Iowa whitetail thread about deer drives and how our group does them to improve safety. I’ll post a link so you can follow up with that!

Family, friends and hunting traditions !! Carry on Gellar !! Following you again this year !!
Last night I snuck out for an hour of bow hunting. Mostly because I saw there were 2 bucks chasing a doe that was late in heat in the field. In addition to the 2 bucks chasing I saw a deer I spotted a lot in September while scouting and a buck I haven’t seen before. The buck that I had not seen before was an old buck with short tines and no curve to his main beams, but the main beams were long. 1 was noticeably shorter than the other. I only could see him with binoculars, but I knew he was there because every time the 2 bucks would chase the doe in that direction they’d stop and not go any further until they knew what he was doing. After they knew what he was doing they would pick up the chase again. I saw the 10 pointer time 5 or 6 times during September. He was always with a 12 pointer that made him look small. I estimate the 10 pointer to be in the 170” range. Every time I saw them they were within 150 yards of the same spot. A really thick dry creek bottom on their way to a corn field to feed at last light. I was confident in the pattern I had them on for the beginning of the archery season with one problem. I don’t have permission to hunt the area they were residing in. I could get within a couple hundred yards, but that was no good since they were on that same pattern nightly. As deer do in September they disappeared and I never saw them in October. the first week of November I saw the 10 pointer, but not the 12. If they can make it through the shotgun seasons they will be the bucks I will be looking for when it’s 0 degrees and there’s 8” of snow on the ground during late muzzleloader season.
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For a guy who willingly moved to Iowa you sure bitch a lot.
but he is correct in recommending Kevlar. I've been shot at by drive hunters while duck hunting of all things. It does get wild and woolly and many drivers do not care at all about others in the areas they sweep through.
Yeah baby....quite possibly one of my favorite late season threads.
You got this @Gellar , let's see a few Midwest boner bucks.😁
but he is correct in recommending Kevlar. I've been shot at by drive hunters while duck hunting of all things. It does get wild and woolly and many drivers do not care at all about others in the areas they sweep through.
We're you in the left lane in front if then on the water there? I kid I kid 😉
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