2014 Deer Hunt


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Jul 14, 2015
I may be late to the 2014 party on Hunt Talk, but I just joined and everybody likes hunt pics and stories.

In the past we always did the deer / elk 2nd season combo for Colorado. It takes us 3 years to draw a deer tag for our unit but buy over the counter bull or get cow license through the draw. On to the story...

Day 1 - I decided to target elk since I typically see deer going to and from hunting for elk and have not put a lot of energy to finding a deer. I was up and out at daybreak taking my rifle for a hike. Nothing. Evening hunt I bring in 5 does and no elk. Around 5 miles logged.

Day 2 - Elk hunt in a new (to me) area. I always wanted to know what was up this creek. Since it was day 2 and nobody was parked at the access point, I decided today is the day to find out. Well nobody was there because it funnels down to a narrow rocky point and after a mile of jumping rocks and funneling in and out of canyon, I got that someone is watching me feeling. Seemed like at any point I was going to get arrowed by indians or mauled by a mountain lion. No elk - no deer - no sign. Lunch time came early. The evening I decided to hunt an area I like but rarely see elk. Well it was a good walk for me and my rifle. Found beds and sign, just no fresh animals. Around 7 miles logged.

Day 3 - Okay mid hunt mode and I have not seen a buck. I decide it is a deer day and I want to at least see deer, that and my brother in law said he saw an 11 pointer ( he's from Oklahoma) on his way off the mountain he was hunting. Problem solved, I was going to go check out that are, which is a pleasant hunting area = not steep! Not much of a hunt here but on the way to the mountain I spot a deer about 70 yards off the 2 track. I dismount my steed (polaris 500) and get my scope on him. In the heat of the moment, I saw a rack that went above his ears through the scope and found the sweet spot and boom! Double lung shot ran 50 yards and down. I guess the 11 pointer did not concern me as my deer tag was punched. I love my Ruger M77 Mark II .30-06!


Ok the rest of the trip can be elk hunt driven! My dad however shot at a deer he thought he hit at which time 4 of us scanned the ground on hands and knees trying to find any sign of blood, hair, anything. Well after he told the story 10 times and we scanned and scanned. We find the tree in which the bullet grazed! Clean miss confirmed! Wheew!

Day 4 - Morning hunt was great exercise. No Elk. Regroup after lunch. Well my dad has a buck tag and is tired of walking by now. I decided to hunt with him that afternoon since he has not tagged out yet. Heading up the road I spot a deer bedded down about 60 yards off the road. I had to use the bino's to confirm whether it was a buck or doe. I guess dad was getting antsy to fill since I was just browsing him over and checking the area for another buck when BANG.. wholly crap I was not expecting that shot! After I changed my underwear, we checked him out. Dad said he would eat good and that's good enough for me!


My brother in law had been sitting morning and night because he was sure an elk would come by this spot. Well he proved himself right. Took him 3 shots from a .300 Win Mag at 30 yards through the shoulder. 5x2 - He broke the beam off where the picture ends.


Day 5 - Took my rifle for another hike and wore myself out. The evening was spent cutting up animals and celebrating!

Day 6 - Departure Day - Til next year



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