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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
To the winner of this new contest that I am putting together for '02.

I want to see a picture of you in a hat with your "ELK" this year. I don't care if it's the Cammo, orange or white HAT !!!! I don't care from what state or with what weapon !! I will get all the entirs by Dec 31st and then compile them all on a webpage and we will vote for the best picture. 2 of the entries will get $50 cash from me !!!!

ALL pictures must be sent to : [email protected]

Pictures will be voted on several things. there will be a 1-5 score on Items like this :

1: How well you can read the hat.

2. How well the picture was taken, (I.E. Is the hunter centered and not have a leg cut off, or is there cool things in the background... Stuff like that).

3. The story that goes with it that will be 100 words or less.

ALSO, this is for 2002 hunts only. And no cropping pictures of this year with you're hat onto an old picture ;)

Right now there are "0" entry's ;) KEEP that in mind. If you want to buy a hat visit this link.

~~~~~ * H E R E * ~~~~~

wish i read this post sooner, i leave on the 20th after work and would not get a hat in time.
NO EXCUSE..... CALL me tonight And I'll over night it to ya at no extra cost (208)571-1ELK.... BUT if ya win, the cost comes out of yer winning

If you give that kind of xcuse.. what kind of excuse will ya give when ya don't score a critter ?!?!?! HUH ? ;)

Seriously though.. 4 days.. come on, We're in the 20th century bud.
I will call you tonight, I guess as long as it gets here before friday i will be wearing it on my hunt!. I leave for the airport friday from work to fly out so it would need to be here thursday.
After my fist year I have been flying out to elk hunt since i usually hunt alone or with one other guy driving from Milwaukee is a drag, and consumes to many hunting days. This year I am going alone again and plan to hunt on private land so I dont hear so much bitching from the wife ,like "what if you get hurt out there by yourself" I tell her at least i would die doing what i like to do!!! LOL... Now i just need to figure out a way to get Harley-Davidson to give me more vacation time, 2 weeks aint enough for a bowhunter!!! :eek:
Shcmalts.. THANX for the call bro !! Always good to hear a voice :D

Sorry I was in a hurry... HAD a Finishing contractor showing up and Getting carpet ordered for tomorrow.... HAVING the upstairs finished off.... MAN, Figured with the wife gone I could play.. BUt I need to finish painting , Caulking, and sweeping the floor upstairs..... BUT, I got me a poker room now ~!!!!!!! YAHHHHOOOO !!!

HAT's AS good as at yer house.. I am E-mailing MOJAVE and she'll take it tomorrow. GOOD luck on the hunt, And we'll talk about huntng when you get back and after my season. so... LIke in Feb ;)
hey Moosie...........Us newbies are just finding out bout thing like hats and such. How the heck am I to have a photo taken last Saturday with my bull with your hat when I ain't got one yet???
WD :(
HEHE.. I seen the elk, I know it;s from this year... BUY a hat and Take a picture with the horns, THEN tell a story. That will work. I'll let you have a field photo with it too.

(DANG Crybabies anyhows .. ;))
I washed out on elk but i still got a shot with deer. I am hitting it hard the next 5 weekends as the rut is starting in . I need to get back some of those overnite fees!LOL
I really could care less, just want to slide an arrow through a good buck with the "DEATH BEAM"
So.. we have like 2 entries.... MY gosh, maybe we'll just split the $$ and not have a contest ... ;) :rolleyes:

LEt's get buisy folks !!!! :cool: :D
Patience, Prudence. I haven't even left yet! My elk season starts on Nov 9 and ends on the 13th - then I have to get home and get picture scanned. What's your phone number so I can call you when I bag that 350 class bull???? ;)
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