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"0" days 'til the launch..........



.....of "Operation KILL SOME SHIT!!!"

The fat has been trimmed down from a possible 7 hunters to a a definite 4 going in on Wednesday week.....the perfect number for a backcountry hunt in the Flat Tops. This will be the 3rd year to camp in this honeyhole I found in the backcountry with the previous 2 years yielding 10 elk on 10 elk tags taken in with one gigantic muley on the lone muley tag......equating to 100% success rate with some really good animals for an open Colorado unit, OTC tags.

Pent up frustrations and overflowing kill glands promise for a maximum effort with great results betting odds have a 75% success rate as a lock, with the 50% and 100% slots as big favortes at 10-1. Of course with the ol' DS magic I have been running the last year or so, I am sure I can phuck up even this "sure thing" some how...... :rolleyes:

Raybow and Draftstud from this board will be joining me in the Colorado backcountry along with Draftstud's friend Wes who peeks in on this board from time to time......maybe we can get him to join up when he comes back in a couple of weeks with bull pics to show off! ;)

Should this hunt go bust.....I will become call the authorities......

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And The Chior says..... "AMEN" !!!

Good luck my Friend !!! we'll be stacking elk the same week you uys are, the stories will be thick for sure on your arival home :D :D
Stories stories and more stories for sure!!! Man I hope we have time to hunt. We are soon gonna know who the champion bullchitter is on this board. HE HE!! I can only hope that ol DS doesn't forget the sacred celebratory Jack Daniels or JD for short. That and that alone will make or break our hunt. ;)
Should this hunt go bust.....I will become call the authorities......

What did he say?, What did he say? I fully expect to kick some Bull Butt! :D Mark is really a nice fellow and he has a super girlfriend to cover up the rough edges! I know a good time will be had by all. This weekend my wife and I are holding a Deerslayers Elk Hunt Party; Theme: Camo! I just hope I can get all of this work out of the way before then. To everyone that has been and to everyone that killed their game, Congradulations!
Now that's special, Draftsud!........out of all you guys that have hunted with me from this board, and there are quite a few,......none of you bastards have bothered to throw me "Deerslayers Elk Hunt Party!" to celebrate the success of the hunt.....Especially before the hunt!
.....but then again, John just doesn't know how to do things half-assed either! Damn glad we met friend!!! were one of the pioneers on this one bud...and your spot will always be there around the campfire when you should decide to take it again. That first hunt we shared there will always be a special memory for me, and I won't forget your significance in helping me locate such a wonderful hunting area. Thanks man!

Thanks as always Nut. Hopefully this time I can show you some dead shit on my return!

Raybow, I thought the "guest" was supposed to bring the nice bottle of Kentucky Bourbon?!?! What the Phuck?!!!! The first year ol Dan brought Cuban cigars I believe.......or was that the year he brought Alaskan Snow Crab?!?!...I forget.....I haven't bought Jack Black in years, usually go for the Crown Royal.....but I will make the exception for you buddy! ;) ......but I can tell you now that you will have to "get deep" for that Champion Bullchitter title!

Moose Man.....between your camp and mine, we should have the western game herds back in check in a couple of weeks! :eek: you guys have the edge with the captivating pics having the "Pan Man" in y'alls camp, but we will do our best to hold our own! I can tell ya now ol' Raybow is a piece of work! It will be a gut buster sharing a week in the high country with him for sure!.....

Owl, your confidence in us is reassuring! :D's one thing to talk chit yer self but it's always good to here others have confidence in ya ;)

Thanks Rick! Even though I have been fortunate to fill my game poles the last several years, all I can remember right now is the last trip out with a lot of close calls and no success.......makes a guy wonder what he could have done different to change the tables.
I am not used to coming home empty and this will be the last chance on western game for me until next as usual, I put more pressure on my self than I should probably. It's not about the killing so much as it is about the year I've had with divorcing, losing my son, moving back south........I just feel SO removed from the life I have come to know the last 4 or 5 years and the adjustment is a hard one. I'm counting on the trip to get some of those good feelings what now has becaome the "old days" for me. If I can help Wes and John and Ray to their bulls.....well, the hunt will have been a good one for me. It just seems so week......then a whole year before another opportunity......that sucks.....
Hell DS, weather we get em or not, fun will be had by all. Make no mistake about it-I'm going over for the record BULL chitting title and could give a rip weather I get one or not. Hell I enjoy watching the antics when a guy just busts the best opportunity he ever had at the biggest bull he ever saw.
(Kinda like Moosies story)

Ya gotta admitt--that woulda been some funny chit to witness. ;)
And hell; if I'm gonna bring something for celebratory purposes I might as well go all out and bring the best of the best-(WILD TURKEY) now that's some good chit!

What it's good for I'm not really sure yet, but I'm sure one or more of us will figure that one out. :eek:

Hell-I don't even think I'd do that to an enemy let alone a friend/come to think of it, I may not have any friends after a night of wild turkey!!
Dang buddy, I hope you shoot a crapload of em.
(if we only had rifles in N.M.)
Good luck, stay warm, I have no dought you'll fill the meat pole.
raybow, I will see if I can wrangle up some of Junior Johnson's Moonshine. I have a buddy that has a brother in NASCAR, it's some good chit for sipping and telling tall tells, if you can remember the night before! He makes it straight, strawberry, peach and cherry. Probably starts a camp fire also. See ya in camp! :D
Anything a guy drinks that has the potential to start a fire has to be right up there. HE HE

Now that we're talking moonshine, come to think of it, I got a bud out here that now and then gets has hands on some of that apple cider. I'm kindof afraid to bring it cause it's the kind that sneaks up on ya and BAM: (LIGHTS OUT) No warning no nothin, it'l drop a good man like a sack of Idaho spuds!! ;) Any less than a good man it'l half kill! :D I just don't know if I could handle grown men cryin in camp. ;)
There's something about men cryin that gets me a little nervous at night.

Make sure ya have lots of film on hand cause one never knows when that Kodak moment may arrive! :D
Damn.....Junior Johnson's moonshine and good ol' apple this an elk hunt or a major bootlegging operation spanning some half dozen states?!?!?! :eek:
...I'm not sure if we will survive the alcohol poisoning or not, but I have done enough of these to know this year's cast of characters is a good one and will make this hunt one of the most memorable.

....pray for heavy drive the animals by camp, because it don't sound like these boys will be in any condition to crawl to far out of bed at daylight! :D I once knew an ol' boy who could puke and shoot at the same time.....maybe somebody needs to be taking notes!
Damn Meathead.....that may be enough to pay your passage into this hunt ;)
The trick to it is not to hit the sack but just keep on truckin all night long!! That stuff is like one giant power booster! ;) :D It reminds me of grabbing 220 volts of raw current every time ya take a sip. Ya gotta admitt, if that don't get yer blood boilin yer probably already 6 foot under or well on the way!!
DSlayer- best of luck to you and the gang...after the chit you've taken onthe chin this past year you deserve the kudos just for bouncin' back!

I'd love to set camp with ya myself someday but till then us regular HTalkers gotta be satisfied with threads bull of big elk pics and stories to match!!! Whack em' and stack em' fellas!
....not sure if this is an elk hunt or a meeting of the local chapter of AA :rolleyes:

Raybow.....there is an awful lot about you that reminds me of the ol' BSCat......the kinder, gentler Bobcat we all knew before the alcohol took over!
WHAT!!!???, I will tell you what, a six pack at my house will last a year! Unless the wife gets into it. Something about living with me drives women to drink! :D Looks like the BS won't stick to the wall with this bunch...I can't wait!!!!
You want someone to throw you a party? I thought you kind of lived a party all the time pretty much. Good luck on doing so good again. Wow, you can only stay at 100% or go down. I guess you could get a bigger one. Not likely with that giant mule deer you got before, wow. It will be fun, bigger one or not, I"m sure.

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