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  1. Q

    Moving to Texas

    Hey ya'll I'll be moving to San Antonio, Texas in Dec. Looking for info on hunting and places to hunt both public and private land. Hope you folks down there can give me some advice on where to go, and where not to go. Quick Draw
  2. Q

    Got a visit from Quick Draw

    Thanks a million Moosie we both apprietated it very much. Hopefully on our way back to CO we'll be there a little earlier, or early enough to visit for more than a few minutes. Cant wait to see that new elk mount of yours. Quick Draw
  3. Q

    Bear base jumping

    Awesome story, and pictures. Glad to hear that the bear is ok too. Quick Draw
  4. Q

    What's with...

    ...the link to the Hunt Talk Store? Seems to be not working on any of my computers. Is it just me or is it like this for everyone? Quick Draw
  5. Q

    Teaching Her Early

    Great pics Spitz. You could take that picture of her reading, and put it in her year book if your school offeres the chance to purchase a senior page. Quick Draw
  6. Q

    Sleepy bear.

    Cool pics. That is a good looking bear. I always thought that bears slept somewhere that wasnt in the open like that. Quick Draw
  7. Q

    a little lab help please

    I had a black lab that was mixed with a yellow lab, she never had white hair until she got old and even ten it was around her muzzle and her toes. Is she pure lab or mixed with something else? Get some answers. Quick Draw
  8. Q

    Whats the biggest deer you have shot?

    My first deer was a 130 lb black tail doe, my next deer was a 80 lb black tail spike and my biggest deer ever shot was a 140 lb 2x4 mule deer. All of these weights are field dressed. I really enjoyed my killing my first deer and the 2x4 mule deer buck. I think I posted the story about it...
  9. Q

    Do you see what I see?

    I love how you presented these pictures, from the far to near. Quick Draw
  10. Q

    Few Weekend Pics

    I think that even if you don't get an animal on an out of state trip with friends then its still a good trip. For instance the trip to Wyoming I did not get an elk, had pleanty of opportunities but missed. I got hurt, sick, and had school work to do I still had a great time. My point is that...
  11. Q


    Great pics! Those are some great looking bulls, maybe you'll see them again during huntin season???? Quick Draw
  12. Q

    Critters in my living room

    I have nicknamed a set of antlers on the wall. I shot a 2 x 4 buck out of self defense a couple years back, I call him my "Stud" Quick Draw
  13. Q

    Bigger than Hogzilla..

    My question is how many shot did it take to put this monster pig down? Another question, what caliber is the kid using? Quick Draw
  14. Q

    Roadside Grizzwaldo...

    He looks like a cub, maybe a yearly. Nice pics though. Quick Draw
  15. Q

    mahsel elk

    What I want to know is where all these hunters from Washington came from? Last time I was on here I think there were around 5 of us, now there are almost a dozen I think. Quick Draw

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