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    Want to pay almost nothing for a light rifle .....yes it's not a Tikka

    I love my Patriot 308. I am looking for a 243 and will probably get another Patriot. I topped my with a Vortex Diamondback. Great rifles.

    Spare rifle for hunts

    I always take an extra rifle when I am hunting more than an hour from home. I was hunting in Northern Minnesota with former inlaws. He said go sit on top of that hill. I had to cross a small creek. I could hear the water running and see snow. I stepped on the snow to find out it was a thin layer...

    Merle passed today

    That was a sad day for sure. I will miss Merle. I got the pleasure of seeing him twice. Once with George Jones that I drove 6 hours to see and once right here in Mankato. Willie will be here in June with Kris Kristofferson. I better get to this one before they too are sadly gone.

    Teaching a child

    Thanks guys. WE are so looking forward to this. I realize I would need to take it slow. I guess how slow would be age dependent and his interest in it. I never thought about the first camping trip being in the back yard. That's a great idea. Ill keep me eye here. And maybe even update/resurrect...

    Teaching a child

    Anytime this subject comes up, I usually skip over it because I don't have a child to share my love of hunting, fishing and the outdoors with. I do have an adult daughter (who recently gave me my first grandchild) who lives in another state and has no interest in hunting and fishing very little...

    Factory ammo

    I shoot both factory and handloads depending on the gun. My 223 for instance is only factory. I do have a load developed and components on hand in case of another panic buy and the prices skyrocket again. I can load and still shoot and not worry about running out. My 10mm and 357 mag are...

    20 gauge Autoloader?

    This is what I was told by the Benelli rep when I bought the shotgun. Either way, I like this shot gun.

    20 gauge Autoloader?

    I have a Franchi Affinity also. Was told these are basically a Benelli M2 with some minor cosmetic differences as they are made on the M2 line in Italy. And half the price of the M2. I love it. My 13 y/o niece got a Beretta A400 Explorer 20 ga. That is one nice shotgun.

    New Guy From MN

    Hello from Mankato. Ive learned a lot from the folks here. Someday I'll make it out west for a hunt.
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    Another MN New Guy

    Hello from Mankato
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    New guy from southern MN

    Welcome neighbor. Mankato here!!
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    Hello from MN

    Top of the morning to you from Mankato.
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    Friday at the Movies

    Airheads Its funny. I was just thinking about putting up a quote from the same movie. so I will go with this one, "This is an AK47 assault rifle. The preferred weapon of your enemy. And it makes a distinct sound when fired at you. Remember it!"
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    Ruger American

    I have one in the 22 Mag. It is a great rifle and accurate. I was thinking about getting one of these in 308 as well. After handling the Ruger and a couple of other brands, I opted for the Mossberg Patriot. The Mossberg is a fantastic rifle and within the same price range as the American. In...
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    Friday at the Movies

    Fight Club "Oh! Sorry, I thought you were dead. Not hardly!"