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    Start to 2015

    Thanks bud. That Buffalo hunt was quite the challenge of patience and will.
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    Start to 2015

    Thank guys! Yeah the Gould tags are tough since there just isn't that many of them available. The reintroduction of them to Southern AZ is going very well and there are a few more tags each year being offered. Really fun hunting turkey in a desert landscape and they typically respond very...
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    Start to 2015

    Hey guys....been a while since I've been on and even longer since I've contributed. It's amazing what happens when you run out of school and have to start working for a living. The start of my 2015 has been pretty dang good and just wanted to stop in and share. It started in January down in...
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    Colorado deer tags in the mail?

    Starting to wonder what is going on the withe deer checks. Interesting that the elk check has come so much soon than the deer.
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    Colorado deer tags in the mail?

    I called the office today and he said "the checks in the mail" and that it often takes 12-14 days for the mail to deliver.... :rolleyes:
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    Colorado deer tags in the mail?

    And I haven't seen my refund check for deer but just received mine for elk, which was supposed to be sent out a couple weeks after the deer. Anybody have any info on this?
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    Officially a pit bull hater

    Almost lost my hand to a pitbull on Saturday night to a "friendly Pitbull" at a graduation BBQ. After the situation the said, "He's a good dog, he just doesn't like most guys and can get aggressive sometimes"
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    Good crappie day

    Right on....great fishing day there
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    Hey 1 pointer

    The offense has been looking good so far this year. I think we are going to miss Carpenter this year unfortunately.
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    AZ results are up

    Going elk hunting! Drew with my brother this year and would really like to get him his first bull as this is the first time he has wanted to get back out in the woods since college started for him. Lost him to the dorms and partying for a few years but now he seems to be interested again.
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    Border coues deer hunt

    If you are going to buy the license I would just put in for a prime hunt (most people consider that one of the December hunts) and then pick up a leftover if you don't draw that. Coues are a lot of fun are quickly becoming be favorite game animal behind elk. I don't worry too much about...
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    I'm the DUDE

    Dude...that's awesome.
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    The Mexico Experience

    To do an unguided hunt down there you would need to know somebody that is able to secure some tags for you or organize it yourself with one of the tag brokers down there. I too would recommend contacting Matt with Borderland Adventures and see what he has available. I've never personally met...
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    Anybody shoot barnes?

    Recovered by Barnes out of my whitetail this month and it looked like the bullet on the bottom of your tin. My buck travelled all of two feet...straight down. Ive only used them the last two season on coues and they have performed very well so far.
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    The Mexico Experience

    Our trip was unguided and I used my rifle on the hunt. A buddy of mine secured the tags from the rancher and away we went....didn't have to have a guide. It was difficult to get get but like it was mentioned they are very unorganized and it does take way more time then it should. Just have to be...