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Feb 15, 2001
Boise, ID, USA
So I finally got the pictures developed of my buck I shot while hiking 5000 miles with Moosie.

I would like to share a little thoughts about the hunt, why I took this monster buck, and how we got him out.

Moosie, Wylee, and I hiked in 5 or so miles back in the mountains and set up our luxurious camp. ;) We all wanted to shoot a trophy buck (I was the only one to pull the trigger over our 4 day hunt) so we held out as long as possible. After hunting for two hard days, and not seeing bucks (only does
) I decided to shoot the first buck I saw.

Please notice in the pictures the spread on this deer, and the "trash". I sat and patterned this deer all morning, seeing how it fed along with all the does, breastmilk,
, just like Eastman says in the "High Country Mulies". I couldn't tell if the ears or the antlers were bigger. The buck would flip his ears around and it would get in the way of the massive, non-typical rack, so it was really hard to field judge.

Perched on a fallen tree, I lay my crosshairs just behind the elbow, take one breath in, let out half, then squeezed the trigger. Yeah, all the dirt blew off the ground, couldn't see a thing, and couldn't find my trophy anywhere!?!?! :eek:

I didn't move, not wanting to scare the deer off if I just wounded it. Moosie shows up a few minutes later and asked if I'd shot. I guess the smile on my face was hidden by my....err...never mind. We walked over to the spot where the trophy buck was, and I found blood. Not too much, but some.

To make a long boring story even longer, we finally found the buck, dead of course. Moosie said to go get the game bags from camp and he would start boning it out. He said he had a couple of ziploc's and that should do it.

This buck scored 125 to 130!!!! I use a little different scoring system, millimeters!!!

Already getting ready to hike back into the mountains again this year! Good luck to everyone!!!!!


AHHH I remember that trip well... Wylee came in a Day later and Saw a bigger buck next to the truck but didn't take it. A true trophy hunter packs in 5 miles for the "Harvest".

I almost felt bad when ElkTurd was Tracking the Buck and I walked over to it and Snickered. He looked over and Just flipped me off

Elkturd was Cussing me the 3rd day,We had Hiked 5 miles in, then another 3.8 miles to a Spot I wanted to Hunt. Looking at the Map we were less then a Mile from another road. At one point within .6 miles. It was Straight Downhill but hikeing in 8-9 miles jsut to be 1/2 mile from a Road is always funny

Here is Dinger (Elk Turd) and me with our Backpacks :


Here was our tent (Wylee's tent in the Background) :



That was truely a FUN hunt !!!



We had a Light pack coming out, A fly landed on the Meat and Ate 1/2 of it, But we were thankfull by the time we hit the truck. It was a long pack out !!!!!!

Speaking of a "LIGHT PACK" I carried in the Old cam-corder like I alway do and Left the Film back at the truck. Nothing like Lugging a Camcorder, box, 40 hours of Battery life and NO film Back into the Hills !!!!

The trip was a blast, I would definitely do it again. I've never minded wiping the milk of any animals lips after harvest either, especially since I ate my tag last year. ;)
I think we need to take some consideration into our size of backpacks!!! :) But then again, having the refridge and electric stove up there really helped!
I think the Size of Camp/backpacks were ok.... I'm just wondering if 1 Dutch oven would have been enough.... I think the full set of 5 was a Bit much, But I'm new to this Backpacking and all :D :D
Probably the Opposite reason why you wanted to sleep in the same bed as me when we were camping 'Gunner :D :D
SHHHH, don't say Dutch Ovens, Paws is around, he will post 9 pages of receipes for Dutch Oven cooking. Great Buck tho. Better than the ones the other guys got and it won't take up much wall space.
Better than the ones the other guys got...
True !! The one I got was a Shorter Hike out, therefor I don't consider it as good as Elk Turds !!! Mine also Takes up alot more Wall Space. It truely SUCKS !!! Live and Learn I guess
That there is what we call a Butterball buck. Sure is good eating and taste a lot better than tag soup!Looks like a great trip and lots of laughs. that's what's most important anyways isn't it. ;)
Taking a stove and fridge is always a great idea. I like to set up camp next to some current bushes. You don't need as long of an extension cord to plug into them.
You guy's coulda put it on a spit and ate it while you were there....Then you wouldn't have had to pack it out....Looked like a lot of fun though!!!
One thing ya Have to look at, in Every Picture we're smiling. I would Truely (No chitin') rather hunt with Guys that were fun, and made me laugh and willing to split all the Chores 50/50 and not bitch about stuff then go with someone that could take me into a Spot with a 200" buck but didn't want to do anything and bitched all the time.

I've been waiting all year to get back into the Hills with these guys.... and it's not jsut for the
... ;)

But First, We're gunna chase some Bear cubs !!! Season opens in 32 days... But who's counting
There is definitely lots of "splitting".... :rolleyes:

I have hunted with Moosie and ElkTurd.... Their idea of splitting the chores 50/50 is to hop in their rig and get going 50mph or more than 50 yards away and leave me to pick up the decoys....
I suppose washing dishes is easy for you guy's..."Who is going to dump the garbage and put these tray's away" ;) :D
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